My work desk / vinyl / mac / ipad / iphone / coffee / #oldschoolnewschool

27 Sep

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Artistic Director’s workspace…

vinyl playing on Steepletone deck / iphone updating / moleskine and fountain pen / logitech keyboard for ipad / sun streaming in through the window / hot coffee / I like my workspace. I am back at my desk now – we have come out of a very busy making period.

We ran the Space project on August 11th and that went live with 6 cam livestream – the ‘as live’ archive went live on the in the first week of September.

During this time I directed The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner starting on August 20th – we opened on September 19th last week. We have had the press in and we are about to go on tour starting in Birmingaham at the Rep next week.

I can now breathe…

Today I have music playing and am playing catch up with work emails and stuff – so in early – and I have brought some classic vinyl in from home…


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