Tranquil… #Histon #Theatre #Thinking

6 Oct

A busy time – from Shift Happens to The Space to The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner –

Three projects one in July one in August and one in September.

Now time to take stock. To plan, to plan ahead. In my timeframe at the moment is the final edit of The Knife That Killed Me – which will be delivered by the end of the year. This is a fascinating and time consuming process for all the TKTKM team.

But of course we have new projects – at Pilot too – Blood and Chocolate with SlungLow and YTR for York next year, as well as our new version of Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew adapted by Kevin Fegan. On top of this of course the #LDR2012 tour continues until the end of November. Already the show is garnering amazing reviews and the team are rising to the physical challenge of the piece. We are all proud of this piece. Roy Williams has done a great adaptation and we have a fab cast on the road.

So plans and future commissions are flying around at the moment an we welcome to the UK next week our EU show #FaceMe directed by Pilot Associate and staff director Tom Bellerby. Straight from a tour of Slovakia, Italy and the Netherlands.

So busy times for sure – new shows opening soon – The End of Desire directed by Katie Posner at end of Oct in York too…

So a time of tranquility. A walk on my own in the autumnal light feels good. Stuff will happen and I will make sure that we are making new shifts happen too.

We are welcoming our new Chair to Pilot on Oct 22nd – so a big hello to Prof Kevin Thompson who takes the reins then.

We have plans…

Until then I am happy to spend the time thinking and working stuff out – about how to move forward with theatre : arts : tech : and the future of touring It’s what I do…

Thanks for stopping by

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