Juggling several projects at once…

27 Oct

OK – so I know some of you have seen this picture before…I took it when I was working in Buenos Aires – but it typifies how things are at the moment for me –

Sometimes it feels as if I am at the front holding the leads – and moving forward, albeit slowly, whilst constantly checking the following pack.

Other times I am at the back – trying hard to see where we are going and hoping to get a better view!

Part of my job as Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre is to help keep all the projects moving forward and hopefully in the right direction.

Some of those I lead on – and other projects are led by different members of the team.

This is how it should be.

This is a list of what we all have to look after at the moment – and in no particular order…

The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner tour(s)

End of Desire show – opens on Nov 2nd

Blood and Chocolate new project with SlungLow and YTR

Running on the Cracks new tour Jan

The Knife That Killed Me – movie completion

delivery Shift Happens 2013 – July 8 next year

The Touring Consortium – Theatre Cloud engagement delivery – from Jan

Platform 11 plus new EU Application for next year start

Urban Grimshaw and The Shed Crew – new project for 2014

The Space – Mystery Plays online BBC ongoing online delivery

Generation Zed application – now

Science City York – New Media Centre – asap

York Business Week Presentation week after next

New commission for a new touring piece – now

Pilot Theatre Board Away Day Planning
– Now

New Application to the Digital Opportunities Fund end of Nov

New screenplay idea for a new platform
– Ongoing

A new theatre piece with cameras
– Ongoing

So all these are happening – and sometimes they pull on the leads more than the others and at different times

So today after driving 1100 miles this week to meetings and seeing shows and giving talks – I am home alone – and putting some thought into the new projects – as well as attaching leads onto some new additions to the pack of ideas.

As well as sorting out all house and home practicalities…


I wouldn’t have it any other way – and as always, I am thankful that I have such an excellent team at Pilot Theatre who are all working on these projects and making some serious shift happen…


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