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An Online Seasonal Card – Snow Cottage – Happy Holidays xx

15 Dec


A snow laden cottage from 2012 

Happy Holidays – one and all



A lonely Christmas Tree in Bracknell #SHPLive

13 Dec


There is always something a little melancholy about a solitary Christmas Tree in an hotel lobby…

Its uniform matching baubles and recently dressed lights that are positioned just in view of the check-in desk but not too near the bar tables waiting for the bistro bar diners.

What am I doing here? Well I have travelled down from York to Bracknell – and I have been kindly put up in the Hilton Hotel by South Hill Park Arts Centre – as I will be making a presentation at their #SHPLive event on Friday morning.

This is a week long digital and arts programme which culminates in a conference and get together – where I will be talking about livestreaming and the technology used this.

This is a forward looking venue that is pushing the boundaries of possibilities in a pro-active way.

After all – we made our Lord of The Flies trailer here for Pilot Theatre with the Company from New York – AG Entertainment – so happy memories for me here at South Hill Park…

I am looking forward to my session tomorrow morning.

So after a 5 hour long journey in freezing fog it is good to rest up here – and think about my talk and to wait for some food to be delivered to my table near the tree…

The place is quiet – almost too quiet – I will report back if anything of interest occur. And feed back about tomorrow


My Dad in 1937

3 Dec

Revisiting your childhood family home always throws up thoughts and emotions.

The last time I lived here properly was in 1979 before heading off to university.

Tonight a picture caught my eye. It had always been there. But I had never looked at it properly. I mean really properly.

My dad with a glint in his eye – as a small child. It’s funny you never really think of your parents as small children. Even after they have long gone – the look in that small child’s eye brings back his voice, his laugh and the glint in that cheeky face.

DNA – man it keeps on running – That is all I know