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I was reminded today of working at the Belgrano University in Argentina…

8 Apr


In 2010 I directed a show at The Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. When I was doing the tech run I discovered that their stage technician and I were the same age, and that when I was protesting about the Falklands war in 1982 as a student, he was at Goose Green…We shared stories about the events that led us to those places, and our respective Governments that had taken us to that point. He had assumed as I was British I had supported the war that had killed his 6 friends next to him at Goose Green. They too were his university friends…I told him we were fighting against it too…and we shared several beers and stories after that…I will have another one today for him…

It all started at The Chelsea Hotel in New York in 2008 #TKTKM #shifthappens

7 Apr

This is from last year – the story continues as we delivered the picture to Universal last week. We have some things to do but we are on track and we will keep you posted about TKTKM and its progress – the film made by Marcus Romer, Kit Monkman and Thomas Mattinson…

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The backstory…

I was staying here in May 2008. I had gone to New York to meet The NewYork Metropolitan Opera company and their team responsible for their work going into Cinemas.

I was fascinated to know more and to learn about the project.

I met Julie Borchard-Young who was running the whole project and managed to persuade her to come over to speak at our first Shift Happens event in York. 

She did come over and she spoke in York. The NT were at that first Shift Happens event.

Julie Borchard-Young now runs all the NT Live programme, and all global cinema…with her company called By Experience.

This trip to New York gave me the confidence to think we could do things at Pilot Theatre too.

Big things…

To think big and to do things that were outside our existing remit. 

In other words to make Shift Happen

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The amazing @lessig talk from TED2013 #TED

3 Apr

I saw Larry Lessig’s first TED talk in 2007 in Monterey. It was this talk that not only made me use keynote and powerpoint properly, but the one that launched the entire embracing of Creative Commons within Pilot Theatre. This in turn led to the creation of our first Shift Happens conference back in 2008. This talk in 2013 was one of the key stand out moment for me this year. The coalescing of thinking that echoed the clarion call of ‘the power of the people is greater than the people in power’ that Wael Ghonim stated in 2011

This talk is a landmark TED Talk and one that I was privileged to see live this year. We are continuing to make Shift Happen – and in fact our 5th event ShiftV takes place in York on July 8th 2013, where we will be continuing this conversation that Larry Lessig has started – do join us and be part of the conversation

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