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Some Shift is Happening…

20 May

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The Knife That Killed Me – #Cannes #TKTKM

14 May

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This is the film adaptation of the Anthony McGowan novel, which will be screened to International buyers at the film market attached to the Cannes International Film Festival on Wednesday May 15th. This has been a very exciting project to work on, and since Pilot Theatre got the rights back in 2008 – which seems a lifetime ago – we have all been working to bring this feature film to the big screen.

I have have been part of the process as writer and director alongside co-director Kit Monkman and Producer Thomas Mattinson for the last four years. Together with Green Screen Productions, we have made something that looks and sounds quite extraordinary, and tomorrow it will be screened to International buyers from all over the world. We still have a few frames to finalise before we can screen this publicly, in terms of credits and titles as well as a few minor sound amends to run over both these and the playout credits.

But in terms of the project – we are, as we say – very nearly there. It is almost exactly 12 months since we wrapped on the shoot in the Green Screen Studios in Bubwith in Yorkshire. Here we lived and worked for 6 weeks and shot the whole film in the studio against a full 270 degree green screen. It was an intense and full on schedule where we managed to get all the coverage we needed for the 96 minute movie.

A big thanks of course go to the cast and crew for this, who were amazing in their openness and willingness to work with all three of us in the room on this new project. It would be unfair of me not to give a special word of thanks to actor, Jack McMullen who spent the entire shoot with us playing the leading role of Paul Varderman, brilliantly. But as ever, the ensemble nature of the entire team from our rehearsal period through to the wrap that made this project feel very special indeed.

The other main thanks must go to the extraordinarily talented post production team who worked at Heslington Studios at TFTV as partners to the project. Here working for 12 months in a darkened room where the 3D builds, compositing, Maya and Nuke skills brought the story to life under the care of the three of us and the attention to detail of Tom Wexler and John Mateer. A special word of thanks must go to the skills of the illustrator and artist, Stuart Ord who alongside Kit Monkman has created the beautiful painterly images to the film as a key part of the design.

I will keep you posted about the developments of the film, and of course the screenings, after completion of this part of the process, in due course. In the meantime here is the IMDb link to the movie with full cast and crew credits. You can follow the project on twitter @tktkmfilm or via the hashtag #TKTKM

Phone call etiquette

11 May












Work phone etiquette…none of this ever happened by the way

1. So you want to call me?

2. So, just call me

3. Don’t get your assistant to call me to book a time to tell me when you want to call me

4. Call me

5. When your assistant has booked the call time with me

6. Please call me at that agreed time

7. If you don’t call me at that agreed time. I will send you an email

8. If you reply saying you want to call me

9. I will resend you my mobile number

10. You tell a friend of mine to tell me that you owe me a call

11. I smile at them

12. I open my laptop and write this