Away from home…no email

8 Aug

So, here’s the thing. I really have fallen out of love. With email. Not that I really had any deep affection for it, but we have had words, and basically we are through with each other. For the sake of keeping things together we have agreed certain access rights. These are about handover times and brief pleasantries.

So for ten minute a day. And no longer, we have agreed to make a mutual visit. This means that we are both free to pursue our other interests and branch out a bit doing our own thing each day. But for the sake of others we have agreed this ten minute slot once a day from 7pm to 7.10pm

This is a trial separation and it is working well. Now don’t get me wrong I still get other ‘e’ messages but not email during the day. So SMS, DM, Skype, Voicemail, FB messages and Dropbox notifications. So still in contact and with those messages that are important to our relationship.

So e messages, yes e mail no.

anyone else in with me on this?

Off to do some writing and thinking and not checking emails – see you later – so just DM me or SMS if you need me




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