A rather good view from The Pilot Theatre office today…

20 Aug


…looks good today – we are back and up and running – and with two sets of great news about our work. Our role as Cultural Leaders with an emphasis on our local and International work have been confirmed today with two great pieces of news

Firstly, we have secured a 2 year contract with the City of York Council to deliver a programme of livestreams. Here we will deliver the Council meetings as part of their open democracy and innovation strategy. This is very exciting news as it really reaffirms our role as a theatre organisation with civic and Cultural responsibilities. Together with the City Council we are providing leadership and increased opportunities for engagement for the whole of York and Yorkshire – hence for our audiences and participants too.

Secondly our EU funding bid with our partners Elsinor Theatre in Milan, and O’Bando Theatre in Lisbon has been successful. Which means we will be making work in Australia and Vancouver, which looks at emigration and movement of European peoples. Working with two theatre companies in Canada, and one in Sydney, we will create work to be presented at Sydney Opera House which will then travel to Vancouver, Canada, Lisbon, Portugal, Milan, Italy and York, England over the next three years.

Both of these initiatives are the result of our approach to making work in partnership with other organisations. A strength of Pilot Theatre, as we have always made work with other organisations. Which is why…

Thirdly, our Blood+Chocolate co-production with SlungLow and York Theatre Royal is now in pre-production – we are excitedly heading into rehearsals in September, and all the teams are working really hard to make this an extraordinary event for the cast of 170 and the 140 strong community support team. This is a true partnership project for the City of York…so a good reason to see the trailer again…

One Response to “A rather good view from The Pilot Theatre office today…”

  1. kittywright128 August 20, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

    Great news all round, marcus. Fab that you’ll be working in my native Oz. When will it be on in Sydney?

    And we have our tickets to Blood + Chocolate and are looking forward to it …

    K x

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