A list of things that I have worked out recently #artsfunding

28 Nov


1. All work that is made from public subsidy in the Arts – should be made free and available for all – at some point during the life of its production or presentation

2. Explaining, to some people, that these changes are going to have to happen, can be exhausting.

3. Continuing to think, even just an arms reach into the future, actually threatens some people.

4. The ones who get it, have always got it. The ones who don’t, never did.

5. Understanding the civic role of artists in their communities has a potential for inspiring creative social change

6. There will always be people who will tell you why your ideas are wrong and will not work

7. Knowing that Creativity is actually imaginative ideas that have value

8. Taking time to develop imaginative ideas is most important…

9. …before trying to make ideas fit into a funding application

10. We need to consider and make projects that can exist on more than one platform or space

11. We need to work with people with whom we don’t normally work

12. We need to diversify our whole approach and attitudes

13. We need to be braver and bolder in our work

14. We should shape the future and not cling onto the past and how things used to be better, as this is not actually true.

15. We need to remember that game theory is at play when people talk of collaboration and sharing

16. We need to get on with it

17. Now…

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