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Something to Stream About

22 Jan

Great Blog that adds to the Livestreaming Theatre debate

Theatre Room Asia

Over the course of the last few months I have been carefully watching the growing debate surrounding the showing of live broadcasts or recordings of theatre in cinemas and live streaming to anywhere you want to watch.

Theatre has generally resisted these modes of reaching a wider audience, although opera, particularly the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the Royal Opera House in the UK have been pioneering it for a number of years. It comes as no real surprise that live streaming has started to take hold and is expanding rapidly. Cinema-based and arts venue showings are on the increase as well as specific services, like Digital Theatre which allow for anytime, anywhere access to a growing range of live filmed, but post-produced, edited performances.


It would appear that the UK is leading the charge, followed closely by certain North American companies. National Theatre Live started the ball rolling…

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Join us at @pilot_theatre for TheatreLivestream.TV project

18 Jan

Pilot Theatre’s new project working with arts organisations is TheatreLivestream.TV


Pilot Theatre have been livestreaming theatre performances, conferences and events for over six years now. We started at our first Shift Happens conference in 2008, and our Pilot-Theatre.TV channel has been active delivering performances, conferences, events for organisations and venues up and down the country. Most notably we delivered the 6 camera livestream of the York Mysteries for the BBC and The Space, through to our most recent webcast of Blood + Chocolate , and we are about to deliver the livestream and connections for No Boundaries with Watershed.


We would like to offer the opportunity for organisations and venues who would like to stream their own work, to join us with our new venture – TheatreLivestream.TVThis would enable you to share your work widely, increase reach both locally, nationally and Internationally. We know that this area is growing rapidly and with our knowledge and expertise we can make this happen for your organisation.


We are very aware that all the research shows that audiences are engaging with this new form very positively indeed, and that it can be used to develop your existing audience.

How it works – our Digital Production Team here at Pilot Theatre will work with you and your company to deliver webcast livestreams of your performances. These will be broadcast on your own player, and will be made accessible and integrated into our own website.These will then be archived for you and built into your YouTube channel, where we will fully caption them for you and provide translation subtitles where required.


We will work with your in-house team to deliver the best quality delivery of your chosen performances. We will work with your design team to ensure that we place our cameras to work within your stage set to maximise the points of view for your online audience, whilst minimising disruption for your live audience.

We already have several venues who have signed up for this initiative and are looking forward to working with us in developing this form. We are the company that puts creative theatre teams to work with you to deliver the best possible digital livestream of your work.

If you would like to put your organisation’s name down and to discuss this with us, then please contact us and email our Artistic Director, Marcus Romer

No Boundaries – Live from two cities – Live to the world – Join the debate @nbd2014 #nb2014

15 Jan


People keep asking me how this is going to work, what it is about and where it is going to happen…and how

So, here goes… It is a part of the State of the Arts programme run by Arts Council England, this time in partnership with the British Council. A consortium group of artists and organisations, which include Pilot Theatre, Watershed, Spike Island, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Festival of Ideas, have come together with City of York Council, Bristol City Council, the Universities of Bristol, York St John, and West of England to create and deliver this

No Boundaries ‘A Symposium on the role of Arts and Culture in a world where there is no normal’

It will take place in York and Bristol simultaneously with speakers and presentations live linked between both places as well as livestreamed live online.

There will be TED ‘style’ talks from thought leaders and inputs from across the world with speakers from New York, Christchurch and Nairobi. These will be curated speaker sessions, and will run in both locations and be fed via our HD livelink to each space. We will ensure that these are interpreted both live and in the online feed, as well as providing live captioning.

Running in parallel with these will be an ‘unconference’ format with live links between Bristol and York – here open space format discussions and provocations will be able to take place. These can be self curated and self organised by the delegates and participants in both spaces and from input online. There will be a room with a permanent open face to face chat facility between the two cities to extend the open space into both locations.

We are providing food and drinks for the whole conference and the evening session on Tuesday 25th will feature live DJ’s in both locations curated by Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly

In York we are running it at The Guildhall and in Bristol at Watershed. There will be opportunities to discuss, share, participate, be active, creative and to be part of a conference that is breaking boundaries

Join us

There are No Boundaries…

Samuel West – #ShiftHappens 2012 @exitthelemming #artsfundng

14 Jan

Worth revisiting some talks from #ShiftHappens from @pilot_theatre here is @exitthelemming

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