Busy times @pilot_theatre #blogpost #cycleofsongs #nb2014

13 Mar

I may have been keeping a bit quiet on this blog – but the reasons for that are that we have been way busy at Pilot Towers…

A combination of factors and projects have meant we have had our hands and brains pretty full. Since January we have had a new show out on the road – Ghost Town – directed by our Associate Director, Katie Posner (congrats to her also, as she has just this last fortnight become a mum – so welcome the new Pilot Associate’s Associate – Heidi Rose)

We have also just co-run (with Watershed and the Bristol consortium) the State of the Arts event for Arts Council England and the British Council – our ‘No Boundaries’ conference up in York. This was a live event running in both York and Bristol with live links and speakers between the two venues. With fully live captioned and signed simultaneous streaming online of the event. This raised the bar in terms of making a conference multi locational and accessible both physically and virtually.

Pilot have also just launched their new rebrand and brochure – thanks to the Lazenby Brown Agency who have been working with us for 6 months as part of their work. The resulting logo, brochure and design we think is brilliant and it captures the 5 interlocking areas of our work and crafts them into a solid and flexible design. Our areas of work are Participation, International, Learning, Online and Theatre. All of our projects intersect with at least two of these areas.

You can view our online brochure here.

As part of our work too we have been putting in our three year plan and application to the Arts Council for us to continue to be part of the National Portfolio of Organisations funded by ACE. This is an 8,000 word dissertation style application with plans, budget, targets and goals. The whole team have been working hard to pull this all together. This has to be in by March 17th and we will know if we have been successful or not on July 1st.

Did I mention busy? Well in all of this too we won the ACE commission to deliver the creative project for day three of the Tour De France. This is the stage that runs from Cambridge to London. So with HistoryWorks we will be creating a new song cycle and you can find out more here cycleofsongs.com

In the meantime we are gearing up and putting the team together for our new production of Antigone by Roy Williams as well as steering our way with our new online delivery project TheatreLivestream.TV

In addition we have been working with the Touring Consortium – running workshops and doing lifestreams and videos for them as part of our work on Brassed Off for TheatreCloud.com

So that’s what we have been up to…

See you soon 🙂

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