For those who know me…

15 Apr

…will know that we have just turned a corner, come out of the woods, seen the light at the end of the tunnel, breathed a sigh of relief, felt grateful, and can now move forwards, face the future, with a spring in our step, without checking over shoulders.

So this hopefully means I can sleep better, not lie awake and jump at every move, spend energy feeling anxious, worry about stupid things, forget where priorities lie and therefore focus more on the real stuff. The important stuff. Not waste energy on stuff I can’t fix. But to spend the time doing the important work, the things that matter. Make changes happen, create inspiring stuff, and above all be better at things.

Those who know me will also know that selling our old house has meant a weight has lifted after two years of uncertainty…

There are new things to focus on, priorities to get right. stuff to do. But now with less of a heavy heart and with more of a sharper wit and flair.

Oh yes and I am sure you can’t tell I have been reading the meditations of Marcus Aurelius. This is my rather pale imitation of his posts and thoughts.

Anyway, we share the same name so why not. After all, as I said corners have been turned and the sky is now blue. The magnolias are out here and there is blossom on the apple tree. This is good.

Onwards and Upwards as ever – as there is no other choice but to keep moving forwards. So family and work are key to making spirits lift. The Pilot team have been amazing and I am looking forward to getting back to making stuff happen again with that fantastic group of people. I am looking forward to this Friday too

I have a feeling its going to be a good Friday…

I am off to see a film in a real cinema – in that London…on April 18th at 21.15




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