A Green Hyundai? – What does all this mean?

16 Apr

found this today – sort of fits in with my latest blogpost 🙂

Marcus Romer's Blog


Since August life has been a bit a of a whirlwind.

The 3 most stressful things in life are –

1 – Bereavement

2 – Moving House

3 – Changing jobs

All three have been impacting on my world in one shape or another in the last two months. Which may explain chaotic emails, random tweets and unintelligble ramblings. To clarify though. I am not changing jobs. Susie is. Or rather has. She is now living in Cambridge. But only for part of the time. And in other news that doesn’t mean we are not together. It just means we are not together during the week. That is all

For those of you who do know me. I work in York. I live here. And We have a house here. It was still there this morning when I left it. That is all

For those of you who know me…

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