Be a traveller not a tourist…

16 Apr

four years ago…

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Be a traveller not a tourist….BA travellers guide

1) Use public transport. but remember the metro stops at 11pm
2) Use the bus. They are cool and fly by you all the time. It is 1.25 pesos to go most anywhere. And you will feel and look like you are in a movie


3) Walk everywhere else, but remember the Avenue de 9 Julio is the widest avenue in the world. It has 18 lanes of traffic – 7 lanes in each direction and two dual carriageways at either side just to catch you out. Use the subway. Or cross at the Obelisk if you want to stay alive…


4) Remember the ‘ll’ here is pronounced ‘szh’ so ‘Parilla’ is Pareezha’
5) Remember that ‘Y’ is pronounced as a ‘J’

6) The main grid system is like Manhattan, the Architecture is a little like Barcelona, the traffic drives unlike anywhere…

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