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Creating a UNESCO City of Media Arts for York.

29 Nov

I found the launch video we made for #York as part of the @CityofMediaArts bid to become a @UNESCO City of Media Arts. It helped us to develop idea for the @YorkMediale back in 2014/15.

The bid succeeded and it worked.

York became the first Unesco Creative City for Media Arts in the UK


‘eating a meal shoes’

1 Nov


My dad, who died almost 10 years ago now, left – as one of his legacies – the term ‘eating a meal shoes’

It stemmed from when we were round at my brother’s house for a family Sunday lunch. The whole family were there, it may have been an Easter Sunday but it was a long time ago and I can’t be sure. That information has all but faded – But what remains and what we all remember is that this was where we first heard the words ‘eating a meal shoes’

It was Christy, my son who was about 9 or 10 at the time, who was football mad and was kicking a ball outside up and down the grass. He shouted across to us through the window

“Come on Grandpa, why don’t you come and play?”

At this my dad called back

“Don’t be daft, I can’t – I’m wearing my eating a meal shoes”

At this Christy burst out laughing and shouted back

“What kind of shoes are those then?”

Indignantly my dad responded

“Shoes you eat a meal in – what do you think?”

At this point we of course had to look at the aforementioned footwear. A rather unflattering pair of white leather tasselled slip ons. He always wore ‘slip ons’ again a term which also caused much mirth.

And so it was – that the concept of ‘eating a meal shoes’ was born. We still refer to shoes in this way – always with a tongue pressed firmly in cheek. As a sometimes excuse for why we can’t empty the bin, take the dog out or nip to the shop.

“I can’t I’m wearing my eating a meal shoes”

I have to say that white leather tasselled slip ons are not our choice anymore. But we have discovered the brand that sounds like our surname ‘Roamers’ so a few pairs of these have been purchased over the years.

So once more as we enter lockdown – it is something I will continue to do. When working from home I will wear my ‘working from home shoes’. Which are basically ‘eating a meal shoes’ So not big boots but smart Roamers…here are mine from the old shoe box

Smart Romers…