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Micro Library

6 Feb

The use of the micro library as an art documentary storyboard in pictures

Casting Opportunity – for a new theatre production #Ghosted by James McDermott directed by Marcus Romer

5 Feb

A new production for St George’s Theatre and Sheringham Little Theatre spring/summer 2021


Instalment One

A Promenade Play

by James McDermott

Directed by Marcus Romer


Adam eighteen, male identifying       – bisexual, worrier, works in the arcade

Jake eighteen, male identifying          – gay, a scally, works in a cafe

Chloe eighteen, female identifying    – strong, sassy, works in a pub

Fish eighteen, female identifying       – questioning, perceptive, cheeky, works in a fish shop 

Jet eighteen, male identifying             – secretive, aspiring footballer

Flo sixteen, female identifying           – naive dreamer, still at school

Ash (in video & audio only) 18, male identifying – rebel, smart, middle class


The action in this play unfolds along a Norfolk seaside promenade. The promenades will be in Sheringham and Great Yarmouth. The story explores the efforts of six very different teenage friends, after their pal Ash disappears and his clothes are washed up on the beach. It delves into their characters, romances, and secrets which could explain Ash’s absence.

This is the first play in a series of plays that tell a large serialised story. It is the pilot episode for the potential series from an original idea by James McDermott and Marcus Romer.


Submissions by                       18th February

Casting via Zoom w/c             22nd February

Rehearsals from                      1st March (via zoom)

Performances from April      Times tbc dependent on national guidance               


We are looking for actors who ideally are either from, based in or have a connection to East Anglia. They must me able to have excellent Norfolk accents. Playing ages for all roles are 18 with the exception of the character of Flo who has a playing age of 16. We are looking for a strong diverse cast for this new performance piece which takes its inspiration as a rural and coastal version of ‘Skins’


For a COVID secure production, the actors would all wear head-mics and the audience wear Bluetooth receiving headsets enabling them to stand at a safe distance from the cast and each other. 

Rehearsals will take place on Zoom in March in preparation for the intended performance when times allow.

Please submit spotlight links or photo and cv to

Please mark the email ‘Ghosted’ Casting.