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‘Our Town’ by Thornton Wilder – opening at @SheringhamLT this August – directed by @marcusromer

1 Jul

Our Town is a Sheringham reworking of a classic play, written in the 1930s by Thornton Wilder, winning him an internationally-acclaimed Pulitzer Prize and was later staged on Broadway and had a televised film version starring Paul Newman.  It focused on the cranky characters of Grovers Corners in America between 1901 and 1913.

Now it is being given a home town setting by Sheringham Little Theatre – where we are re-locating Grovers Corners to North Norfolk – It is a story of life, love and all the millions of moments that make up a lifetime. It follows the stories of two families and their friends and people of the town and how they cope with the ups and downs of their every day lives. It is a heartwarming and really touching play that will connect with audiences today.

I am looking forward to working with the combined cast of professional performers and members of the community cast. It will be a real privilege to work together and share this story for our audiences, and to celebrate what it means to be part of a community coming together after the periods of lockdown we have all been through.

It will run from August 7th – 14th and we are starting community rehearsals this Saturday July 3rd.

Tickets and information can be found at the box office – details here