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Harstad Hidden Stories – the stories start to unfold…

6 Nov

Photos by Ruben Moen

I am really proud of the theatre, film and music students who made this piece with me and the rest of the team from Harstad Folkehøgskole this autumn. It was devised following research of the true events of the history of Harstad in Norway. We follow the story of Gregor one of the Russian prisoners of war held in the Trondenes camp. We find out how his journal made its way to his daughter and subsequently to his great grand-daughter who is a refugee from Syria, who has recently arrived in the town. Through a series of interconnected monologues written by the students, we connect their history of the town into a map of the locations and stories.

Thanks to Hege Fjeld, Harald Markussen, Ruben Moen and all the students. The full credits are beneath the map below.

These is told as a video diary of the 10 characters involved in the hidden stories and place on the locations where the events happened on a map below

The Harstad Hidden Stories project map – made by students of Harstad Folkehogskole with Marcus Romer, Hege Fjeld and Harald Markussen. Follow the stories of 10 characters who are connected through time, location that are based on the true stories of the area.  

It follows the events between 1943 to present day. Connecting the stories of the Trondenes camps and their prisoners of war through a linking narrative to the contemporary residents of the Harstad Folk High School in 2021.

The stories are all available to view as videos on this google map in the locations where they happened. You can also watch them on Youtube.

The full credits for the project are below.

Check out all the stories:


Theatre and Film, Harstad Folkehøgskole

Music Live Studio, Harstad Folkehøgskole

Producer and Director: Marcus Romer

Co-producer, Project: Hege Fjeld 
Co-producer, Sound: Harald Markussen

Co-producer, Technical/Editing: Ruben Moen 

Technical Crew: Oskar Kirkbride, Mie Elind and Kathrine Sollien

Text: Devised by the actors 
Music: Devised by the musicians


Hans: Daniel Hylland
Sandra: Mie Elind
Anlaug: Kathrine Sollien
Lise: Nathalie Olsen

Svetlana: Maria Milde
Gregor: Oskar Kirkbride
Nikolai: Daniel Amundsen
Aleksandra: Erin Heiberg
Elinor: Hannah Hoven

Cora: Alaa Naimei


Jonas Lyng-jørgensen
Steve Johansen
Ben Arne Berntsen

Yvon Ingebjørg Norheim

Helene Smeland
Elise Sofie Buchhave
Kasper Andreas Lundeng 
Bjørn Sverre Henriksen
Sander Theo Wedberg

Thank you to Trondenes Historical Center and teachers/students at Harstad Folkehøgskole.