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Sir David Attenborough #Livestream for the opening of the Museum of Zoology #ZoologyOpens June 22nd

19 Jun


I am immensely proud to be able to be able to Produce the short film and the livestream with Sir David Attenborough for the opening of the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge on June 22nd.

This will be live online from 17.05 on Friday the 22nd, 2018

Here Sir David will be in conversation with Liz Bonnin, the BBC Presenter, and he will also be answering questions from the audience.

With the team we will be live-streaming the event as well as capturing the museum opening, and making a short film of the last object being placed in the museum. The stream will be BSL interpreted.

Please feel free to join us online for what promises to be a truly momentous day

and also look for the hashtag #ZoologyOpens


Let’s talk about the rights and wrongs of IP for creative and cultural projects

2 May

I know this is going to ruffle some feathers, get some people’s backs up and that kind of thing. But it really is time we addressed the issue of rights in terms of creative work that has been made and produced using public money.

At some point in the journey of a piece of work that has been made using funding that is essentially public money, should, at some point, become feely available for all to see, and benefit from. This point should be arrived at after the piece of work has had chance to recoup costings and profits, and to use the word ‘monetise’ its potential.

I am talking about the capture of theatre work and live performances, and the ever growing  archive and body of work that we are now creating and producing. I am also talking about the archive and body of work that exists from days before the internet that is stored and hidden away. Lets be creative about the licensing for its use…

Why can’t we have some of the recorded work captured by leading theatres and organisations made available for people to revisit, study, share or enjoy? As long as they are not being traded further for monetary gain, they are then in a Creative Commons bank of ideas and inspiration for all to see and learn from. A digital public space for creative endeavour and understanding. A free library of visual, audio and performing arts.

I take my thinking from the talk I saw at TED way back in 2007 – yes 9 years ago – by Larry Lessig, who was then introducing the whole concept of Creative Commons Licences. Let’s reconsider these now. After all, where did the money come from in the first place to make the work? From either public subsidy, or people buying tickets. So actually, we are also stakeholders in each project, so at some point it must be OK to ask for a return?

As Professor Lessig says ‘let common sense prevail’