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Things I have learned – when you make new stuff happen

31 Mar

1 people will tell you it can’t be done

2 some people will ask you what the point is
3 some other people get what you are on about
4 some other people have never got what you were ever on about

5 some people will actively help you
6 some people will have an interest in seeing that it won’t work
7 those people sometimes try to block you

8 some people will take time to get it. Then embrace it
9 some of those people then claim it was their idea all along

10 by that time you are already making new stuff

11 and then the same from 1-10 applies again
12 it is more fun making new stuff happen

13 the people you end up working with do better things
14 we all end up doing better things
15 it is worth the setbacks, put downs and the hassle
16 make new things happen


Show them you can – if you don’t – you only have yourself to blame


Shift Happens