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Supporting Argentina today…#worldcup #handofgod

12 Jun

Look I met this guy in La Boca in Buenos Aires

He assured me that the hand of God would prevail

Who was I to disagree?

International Collaboration and Emergency chairs

23 May

It was one of those impomptu evenings, a beautiful sunny day and after we had opened the show from Argentina. We were sitting outside the theatre – and I asked the question ‘anyone want to come back for tea?’

So 17 people said yes, so was there was one more thing I needed to do. Deploy the Emergency Chairs

Back at home we prepared food for the three acting companies we have with us at the moment – our guests included
Actors and directors from Buenos Aires, New York, Tallinn, Vancouver, as well as London, Newcastle, Manchester and York.

And yes we were sitting round our kitchen table on a varied height of chairs, garden furniture and deckchairs.

Extraordinary times and a fabulous evening, and as director of Pilot Theatre I took time to reflect on the International bunch sitting at different heights round the table and think how much the company has grown over the last few years.

We have three new shows running at the moment, three directors making the work and a project that links Europe and South America.

Viva Emergency Chairs!

Today has been busy for @pilot_theatre because….

19 May

1 The Actors and Assistant Director and I have gone into rehearsal for the show I made in Buenos Aires Today
2 We open the show on Saturday
3 We had a press interview all lunchtime
4 Our Platform 11 artist, Mari-Liis arrived from Estonia today – minus her luggage
5 It was our Press night for our show Catcher last night
6 We open a new show ‘Jack’ tomorrow and our Associate Director, Katie Posner and I had a catch up meeting at 6pm tonight
7 Suzann McLean, Director of Catcher ran the Youth Theatre workshop tonight
8 The casting breakdown for Romeo and Juliet went out today – already we have had over 1500 submissions in 8 hours
9 Have taken the Argentinian team out for a meal tonight as they hit the jet-lag wall after their 56 hour travel ordeal
10 Katherine has gone to Leeds to promote our Shift Happens conference tonight
11 Sarah is still away in Spain so we are juggling her office stuff too
12 Mandy has been holding all the tour bookings and producing strands together as well as contacting language schools to come and see our Argentinian show which is in Spanish and English.
13 I have just got back and received the new script edit from Juliet to get through before tomorrow
14 Carl our tech stage manager is washing shirts and Michael is packing the van for the Jack performance tomorrow
15 Our Catcher show is being assessed by the Arts Council tonight

Time for sleep now


Made in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Now in York, UK

16 May

The show I made in Buenos Aires is now travelling from Argentina to York – Ash permitting of course. So I wanted to share some of the images and ideas behind the project.

Three new short plays under the banner of WC School – Made in Argentina – focus on contemporary school life in Buenos Aires.
Written by Carlos de Urquiza, Gabriel Chapo and Luz Rodriguez they will be performed in Spanish with an English Translation.

In the top photo actor, Julian Sierra is playing ‘I don’t want to be Che Guevara’ The pieces are strikingly different from work we see here as part of work created for Young People. The subject matter and harshness of the worlds are brought sharply into focus with the actors strength of performance.


Set during break times at school the three stories are interlinked with a need for their voices to be heard, but more importantly to be listened to. In the ‘New Business Transactions’ piece Celeste Martinez stands up for herself to a bullying Head of Year and tells her straight about the new ‘transactions’ that are the currency in the school now. And in the final piece the collage and artwork is made from discarded pill packets that has been beautifully created to tell the story of Camilla and Lucas.


I enjoyed the challenge of making this piece in Spanish in March this year, and I am delighted to be able to share the work over here in York for a week of performances as part of our Platform Festival which has this, as well as Catcher and Jack two new plays both running over the next two weeks. It was a case of definitely working outside my normal comfort zone. Not only with the subject matter, but also being 7,000 miles from home, and this time without any of the normal support mechanisms of making a show here. So the whole team was new, I had to get to work and speak Spanish, and running a tech with help of course from a translator, was interesting with lights / AV and Sound cues to be worked in. It is at times like this that you work out what it is you do, and why you do it. Very rarely do we test ourselves and take those risks that challenge us outside of what we normally know. It was this experience that has been a major influence on future work for me. The working with new people and teams is so important and refreshes and revitalises and is something we are pursuing with our next project.

I hope you will get the chance to see or keep in the loop of this and out other work at Pilot Theatre – as of course Shift continues to Happen…

The Pilot Theatre Platform Season is here http://www.pilot-theatre.com/redesign/default.asp?idno=17579

To book for WC School please click here http://www.yorktheatreroyal.co.uk/cgi/events/events.cgi?t=template&a=636



Preparing to rehearse in Argentina via Skype #shifthappens

10 May

Again waiting for the actors, Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez to join me for a rehearsal via skype. They will be at UPB Buenos Aires and I will be in my office at home – in York UK – and we will work on the play together / apart / and online.

I have also just got their train tickets from Heathrow to York, as they are arriving next Monday, May 17th. The show will open in York at the Theatre Royal on Saturday 22nd in the afternoon. So drop me a line if you need to find out any more.

I will take a couple of pictures while we are doing the rehearsals and drop them onto Facebook and Twitter (both on my /marcusromer pages)

Shift Happens  – and this is an example of how to use the technology in a way that allows creative engagement and participation in a totally immersive way.

We will livetream the actual performance which will be in Spanish when they are over here too

W.C. School – Made in Argentina details are here on the Pilot Theatre website here http://www.pilot-theatre.com/redesign/default.asp?idno=17595

Rehearsing theatre 7,000 miles away

3 May


I am going to be directing a rehearsal with the actors in Buenos Aires tonight using Skype.

The show I made in March is coming over to the UK in two weeks time. So we have a chance to revisit some of the English and Argentinian Spanish texts.

Using the technology allows us to be ‘in the same room’ again, and as you can see from the photo the actors, Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez, are in the studio space where we rehearsed and created the original piece.

This process becomes an immersive experience, and once we have got over the initial waving and saying hi and catching up on news and chat we can really begin to work.

Normally skype calls are about ten minutes long, and you get the info you need and then you start to wind things up.

Here for an extended two hour rehearsal session you do get absorbed and the work takes over from the technology. The ability to see work develop and grow over this medium again feels real, because of course that is what it is.

It is creative and allows us to share new ideas and have the debates and conversations as if we were all physically in the same room.

WC School – Made in Argentina opens in York on May 22nd


Live skype rehearsal to Buenos Aires works so well – a real life Gamechanger…

27 Apr


Julian, Soli and Tati rehearsing live in Buenos Aires on skype

OK having just finished a 2 hour session working with the actors and we were 7,000 miles apart is a complete gamechanger.

The ability to direct / work / interact / discuss / share ideas and above all create a piece of theatre across the globe / live, means the world is now a different place. It means that we can really be creative with our time, resources and skills to make something really amazing.

Of course I had met the team before, and worked with them in their theatre space in Buenos Aires. But for that 2 hours I was totally back in that space again and was able to revisit the work, adpat and reshape thoughts and ideas. For sure we had a shorthand already, but this was able to be hooked into straight away.

The show is coming to York and we will livestream it to the world. But in the meantime I am looking forward to my next rehearsal on Monday May 3rd and in the meantime my thinking cap is most definitely – On…!

This is just the beginning as – Shift has Happened…for sure

WC School – Made in Argentina



Live rehearsal on skype between York and Buenos Aires

27 Apr

Pilot Theatre : WC School – Made in Argentina

30 Mar

Some new pictures of WC School – Made in Argentina

28 Mar


Some great new pictures here from Constanza Scotto who took these at the dress run…The show is still running in Buenos Aires for the next 2 months before it comes to the UK…


Here are Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez on the set


Celeste Y Julian as Lucas Y Camila