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Lady Capulet in the now – #kissbythebook

1 Sep


Mary Rose as Lady Capulet in her present day coat – for visiting the shrine…

In the wardrobe dept of @yorktheatre Royal

Plus a new track from Sandy Nuttgens


The shrine of flowers #kissbythebook

29 Aug
With a guide track we have been using for when Juliet is threatened by her father and her decison to do something about  it…
by Sandy Nuttgens


Skype Production meeting for R&J #kissbythebook

24 Aug

Chloe Lamford and Richard Howell live on skype for our production meeting today – saving travelling up from London

#greenmeetings are us!

Final set design day for R&J

26 Jul

A beautiful day here in York as we wait for the production and design team to arrive.

In the meantime a quick peek at the model in the Model box that was sent to me by our designer, Chloe Lamford.

We will be needing about 600 bunches of flowers to fill the shrine and we may well be asking people to help us or send us bunches of natural looking silk flowers wrapped in cellophane…

We will let you know…but it would be great if people want to send bunches to Pilot Theatre at York Theatre Royal


Working with the set model late into the night #artsfunding

12 Jul


Creating ideas with the set for R and J – it is a 24 week National Touring project…. it’s what we do…

Using lighting effects on my desk to look at pictures and shadows and the space with characters in – focuses the mind and reminds me what we really need to get absolutely right. With 6,000 flowers onstage in 600 bunches with 10 blooms in each wrapped bunch is what we think we need – and no they are not real. They have to last a 6 month tour…

New R and J set model image

12 Jul

Designed by Chloe Lamford

600 bunches of flowers at the shrine…

Getting there with R&J

11 Jul

A new design model for Pilot Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet was unveiled last week by Designer, Chloe Lamford.

Again in the centrally raked area will be about 600 bunches of flowers that have been left to create the shrine effect for us.

A skeletal metal structure which will be remodeled to produce two options for different sizes of venues will be recreated.

The large box section upstage will allow framing and activity to happen for certain sections.

Again as part of the process Chloe, LX Designer, Richard Howell and I were able to go through the script and work out the needs of the text and the set and where certain sections might happen.

This is a very rewarding and interesting part of the process and both Chloe and Richard have come up
with some brilliant ideas and solutions.

The final model presentation is on July 26th and in the meantime we will be honing the ideas and structure.

In other news we are now finally cast and the production team are now in place.

We had over 4,400 applications from actors, and in the end we saw over 150 people for the 8 roles on offer.

We have finally settled on the cast and all have now accepted. I am sorry that Katie and I could not see more people, but we did see almost 20 actors for each part.

More information will be going online soon including the actors details, as well as more design and costume ideas.

We go into rehearsal on August 16th.

This next week will be spent looking at the soundtrack with composer Sandy Nuttgens, and a potential new track release for http://youkissbythebook.com

More soon…

Flowers for the set model for Romeo & Juliet

14 Jun


Our designer Chloe Lamford is working on creating the model for the set for our Romeo & Juliet production. The model meeting is next week, and as you can see she has been making mini bunches of flowers.

Flowers laid down where an event has occurred often mark the end of a tragic story. At the start of the play we are told that two star crossed lovers ‘take their lives’ and that the story will then be told until we reach that point. They are the end of the story and we will track back and discover the events through the eyes of a grieving mother

Flowers are fragile, beautiful, short lived and symbolise both celebration and death

So for us we are using this and taking it onto the design concept and we will have more to show you when we present the model next week

Initial design part 1 for Romeo and Juliet

1 Jun


A quick glimpse of our meeting on Saturday here – 

Flowers /  Mirrors / Concrete / Glass 

Starting points from Chloe Lamford – the structures are moveable and provide opportunities to create open and closed spaces