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So your chain comes off your bike? What of it…

14 Aug


Cycling back from Porto to Lavadores, I got separated from the main group. Well my chain kept coming off, and as my hands were getting more and more oily, the others kind of got bored of waiting for me. So I turned my misfortune into a major opportunity.

Deciding thatI needed to wash my hands I pulled my limping bicycle to a lamp post – chained it up and told it in no uncertain terms that I was severely disappointed in its behaviour. I headed to a local bar in Afurada to wash my hands. When I returned not only had my bike been mended, but a local fisherman called Antonio had poured a glass of wine and in broken French, Spanish and Portuguese he told me he had sorted it and would I like to join him and his family for lunch.

Needless to say I joined them, and their hospitality, conversation and company made this a life affirming experience.

He had lived in the house all his life and went out for 18 hours every three days to catch Bream, Sea Bass and Mackerel in the Atlantic. The Dourada (bream) we had on the barbecue was the best I have ever tasted, and for sure the wine and conversation across three languages was amazing and invigorating.

We talked about the cost of living in Europe, football, making theatre, catching fish, bringing up children, and where we would most like to live in the world. I have been invited back with my family for us all to eat in his house.

I felt honoured and humbled by their generosity of spirit

I set off thanking him and Arture for their hospitality and bike mending skills and looked at the view and felt that on days like this it is more than good to be really alive…

No ice-cube trays? no problem…

9 Aug


Best discovery of the week? – cut the bottom off plastic bottles, fill with water, freeze – then add the heart shaped ice nuggets to gin and tonic – drink in the sun – That is all

Away from home…no email

8 Aug

So, here’s the thing. I really have fallen out of love. With email. Not that I really had any deep affection for it, but we have had words, and basically we are through with each other. For the sake of keeping things together we have agreed certain access rights. These are about handover times and brief pleasantries.

So for ten minute a day. And no longer, we have agreed to make a mutual visit. This means that we are both free to pursue our other interests and branch out a bit doing our own thing each day. But for the sake of others we have agreed this ten minute slot once a day from 7pm to 7.10pm

This is a trial separation and it is working well. Now don’t get me wrong I still get other ‘e’ messages but not email during the day. So SMS, DM, Skype, Voicemail, FB messages and Dropbox notifications. So still in contact and with those messages that are important to our relationship.

So e messages, yes e mail no.

anyone else in with me on this?

Off to do some writing and thinking and not checking emails – see you later – so just DM me or SMS if you need me