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Grantchester Meadows then The Orchard Tea Rooms

15 Jul


The tea room and orchard frequented by Rupert Brooke, E M Forster, Virginia Woolf, as well as Alan Turing, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath and A A Milne.

Today we ate scones and drank tea. In the sun.

It almost felt like summer…


But this is the right soundtrack…



5 bedroom house for sale in The Old Village, Huntington, YORK, YO32

23 May

The plan…
I need a flat in York
We don’t need two houses…
This is for sale…

My desktop image for the R&J project #kissbythebook

15 Aug



OK been working today going through the script and listening to the new soundtrack guides that @sandynuttgens has been composing for us. We are using DropBox and here we can share the large sound files between his studio in Lodon and mine and Katie’s laptops. But on my laptop is this desktop image – the view from Accademia Bridge, in Venice, where only last week when the sun was so hot and the sky so blue. So this will sit on my desktop during rehearsals as we conjure up the warmth and sounds of the heat of Verona. Already the soundtrack guides are a mixture of sound design, thematic melody lines and underscored ambient sounds. These are great to play and to read the script to.

So an early night and a clear head will launch us ready for the start of the rehearsal period in the morning.


Ponte Vecchio and the love padlocks

2 Aug


Spending the day in Florence today – I love this place.
With my first view of the love-locked padlocks on the barriers – that have been an inspiration for our shrine to love design for R&J


All the chains have padlocks attached with love messages and notes near the bridge.
It has been an extraordinary time here with a mixture of work and holiday – I spent the day yesterday going through the script with composer Sandy Nuttgens, where we sectioned all the text and created a strong palette of sound guides fro rehearsal. Doing this here in Italy in the hot temperatures was really inspiring and fun.

Some more info on the Ponte Vecchio here

As a map http://maps.google.com/?q=43.7676%2C11.2528

As a background http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponte_Vecchio

And here is a picture of where we are lucky enough to be staying…


@christyromer2 late night working online on a new blog post #shifthappens

12 Jul

Since attending #shifthappens Christy Romer has set up his own blog with an idea to complete 7 sentences about things prior to heading to Uni in the autumn.

More here…and some great soundcloud tracks on there too


Lazy days? Thoughts from the hammock…

26 Jun


What as been happening in the hammock today…

1 My view for the afternoon
2 I have been thinking
3 A lot – mostly about work whilst taking in the view of my garden
4 Just finished Annual report for ACE and we are busy –
5 Some of Pilot Theatre are in Portugal
6 Opening a show called Jack by Richard Hurford halfway up a hill on Palmela – south of Lisbon
7 Tonight.
8 Mandy, Bryn, Sarah, Richard and Stuart are there & Stuart has built a visual arts installation halfway up the hill too
10 it is solar powered and reactive to the elements
11 Pictures are on his blog http://platform11plus.posterous.com
12 It is hot in Portugal
13 Katie is directing Wind in the Willows for York Theatre Royal today
14 Just spoken to her – she is busy
15 I am still casting R and J and am in London next week. More people to call in on Monday
16 finalising the touring tech team too next week. This has to happen before Shift hits the fan
17 We are in the final week before Shift Happens happens
18 Katherine is putting final logistics into place
19 We are hosting over 250 people on 5 and 6 of July
20 That is soon
21 Got a text from my friend Dirk – he supports Germany
22 Got some messages from an old colleague, Will, about a video idea
23 Am thinking about new commissions that will be almost in real time
24 thinking about the potential outcomes of the film funding meeting that happens on Tuesday next week
25 And the soundscape for the next show
26 And the design
27 And mostly being physically lazy in this hammock
28 But finding this keeps my brain buzzing.

29 Like the bees on the honeysuckle behind my head
30 Time to move

Til later

Marcus Romer

From my perspective…

13 Jun


A pair of Chuck’s / a smelly dog / and a very green garden /

Taking time out to think about the work ahead

First a big thanks to the ‘Catcher’ team for delivering a great final run of the show. We are working on ideas for getting this seen again and the show will definitely happen again in some form

Casting and putting the team together for R&J – in London all week for this with Katie so we need to finalise things soon.

Preparing a talk for the Theatre Forum Conference next week in Wexford as well as putting the final touches to the Shift Happens programme

We are really pleased that this has sold out (in terms of tickets!)

Also yesterday with the renewed activity of the #artsfunding hashtag on Twitter I decided to set up an online forum for discussion –


Again please feel free to pass this on or add any thoughts to the site

So plenty of brain activity at the moment which is always good, and am trying to make the most of the time in the garden before the next imminent deluge.

Busy home time too as my son starts his A2 level exams tomorrow, so we are off to WH Smiths for last minute emergency pens…

Til later


The recliner of motivational decline

31 May


The said recliner now beckons on what has been a glorious bank holiday Monday here in York – weatherwise –

During the day my time has been spent news watching and posting info on the networks about the growing situation re the Gaza #flotilla

With this in mind I have also spent the day going through cvs for our Romeo and Juliet production, and thinking how the story of long seated animosity has changed very little over time.

Taking time to think, and walk and work is really very important, and finding the time to do this is vital. Days like this allow it – And of course allowing time for drinking coffee and spending time with my son.

He is in the final stages of A2 A level revision, and we are home alone as Susie is in Mumbai and Millie is in Sweden and I have just received a picture of her and her cousins rowing their dinghy between islands!


So a chance now for me to catch up and plan tonight’s curry on the recliner of ‘motivational decline’

So switching off now from here and back to thinking and planning – I hope you are enjoying the weather / birdsong / wherever you are.

Keep thinking – it makes shift happen


Magnolia in my garden…

25 Apr


As rain is forecast these delicate blooms may not make it through the night.

So I wanted to share them with you, before it was too late.

I have just come back from a family party – my parents Golden Wedding meal to be precise, and it was extraordinary to catch up with sections of my family I haven’t seen for literally decades. It was a mixture of events with a formal meal then eating fish and chips for twenty people in their hotel suite, and then a day on the retro rides of childhood on the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Who knew the Wild Mouse was built in 1958…And it is still going strong. After more than 50 years too.

So I was thinking – all the more reason to celebrate the magnolia day here in York…

Happy Magnolia day


Reasons to be cheerful part 3 – Multicoloured Cake

2 Apr


Today these things make me cheerful

1 A multicoloured cake my daughter made
2 Day off with all the family
3 A freshly shaved head – scalp and beard
4 2 shows still running – in London and Buenos Aires
5 The daily picture from Jonathan Harris in my in-box
6 Saying no to some invitations
7 Fresh illy coffee
8 A bike ride with my daughter
9 Baking fresh bread
10 My son passing his driving test and getting into LSE on the same day
11 Clean bed linen
12 Hiding Easter Eggs
13 No longer taking anti-biotics
14 New Converse All Stars
15 Step outside Posh Boy…

All for now, but maybe more later