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Reasons to be cheerful part 3 – Multicoloured Cake

2 Apr


Today these things make me cheerful

1 A multicoloured cake my daughter made
2 Day off with all the family
3 A freshly shaved head – scalp and beard
4 2 shows still running – in London and Buenos Aires
5 The daily picture from Jonathan Harris in my in-box
6 Saying no to some invitations
7 Fresh illy coffee
8 A bike ride with my daughter
9 Baking fresh bread
10 My son passing his driving test and getting into LSE on the same day
11 Clean bed linen
12 Hiding Easter Eggs
13 No longer taking anti-biotics
14 New Converse All Stars
15 Step outside Posh Boy…

All for now, but maybe more later

Snow Leopard in natural habitat

21 Feb

Snowing again before I set off to warmer climes is playing havoc with my packing regime…flip flops and Timberland boots, scarves and sun-block, swimming trunks and gloves…is there no beginning to this madness?