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The recliner of motivational decline

31 May


The said recliner now beckons on what has been a glorious bank holiday Monday here in York – weatherwise –

During the day my time has been spent news watching and posting info on the networks about the growing situation re the Gaza #flotilla

With this in mind I have also spent the day going through cvs for our Romeo and Juliet production, and thinking how the story of long seated animosity has changed very little over time.

Taking time to think, and walk and work is really very important, and finding the time to do this is vital. Days like this allow it – And of course allowing time for drinking coffee and spending time with my son.

He is in the final stages of A2 A level revision, and we are home alone as Susie is in Mumbai and Millie is in Sweden and I have just received a picture of her and her cousins rowing their dinghy between islands!


So a chance now for me to catch up and plan tonight’s curry on the recliner of ‘motivational decline’

So switching off now from here and back to thinking and planning – I hope you are enjoying the weather / birdsong / wherever you are.

Keep thinking – it makes shift happen


International Collaboration and Emergency chairs

23 May

It was one of those impomptu evenings, a beautiful sunny day and after we had opened the show from Argentina. We were sitting outside the theatre – and I asked the question ‘anyone want to come back for tea?’

So 17 people said yes, so was there was one more thing I needed to do. Deploy the Emergency Chairs

Back at home we prepared food for the three acting companies we have with us at the moment – our guests included
Actors and directors from Buenos Aires, New York, Tallinn, Vancouver, as well as London, Newcastle, Manchester and York.

And yes we were sitting round our kitchen table on a varied height of chairs, garden furniture and deckchairs.

Extraordinary times and a fabulous evening, and as director of Pilot Theatre I took time to reflect on the International bunch sitting at different heights round the table and think how much the company has grown over the last few years.

We have three new shows running at the moment, three directors making the work and a project that links Europe and South America.

Viva Emergency Chairs!

Magnolia in my garden…

25 Apr


As rain is forecast these delicate blooms may not make it through the night.

So I wanted to share them with you, before it was too late.

I have just come back from a family party – my parents Golden Wedding meal to be precise, and it was extraordinary to catch up with sections of my family I haven’t seen for literally decades. It was a mixture of events with a formal meal then eating fish and chips for twenty people in their hotel suite, and then a day on the retro rides of childhood on the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Who knew the Wild Mouse was built in 1958…And it is still going strong. After more than 50 years too.

So I was thinking – all the more reason to celebrate the magnolia day here in York…

Happy Magnolia day


Reasons to be cheerful part 3 – Multicoloured Cake

2 Apr


Today these things make me cheerful

1 A multicoloured cake my daughter made
2 Day off with all the family
3 A freshly shaved head – scalp and beard
4 2 shows still running – in London and Buenos Aires
5 The daily picture from Jonathan Harris in my in-box
6 Saying no to some invitations
7 Fresh illy coffee
8 A bike ride with my daughter
9 Baking fresh bread
10 My son passing his driving test and getting into LSE on the same day
11 Clean bed linen
12 Hiding Easter Eggs
13 No longer taking anti-biotics
14 New Converse All Stars
15 Step outside Posh Boy…

All for now, but maybe more later

Snow Leopard in natural habitat

21 Feb

Snowing again before I set off to warmer climes is playing havoc with my packing regime…flip flops and Timberland boots, scarves and sun-block, swimming trunks and gloves…is there no beginning to this madness?