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Day 21 on #TKTKM for @tktkmfilm A Very Productive Day :)

9 May


A day to be proud of today. For lots of reasons…well 20 to be exact…

1 We completed the schedule with tread to spare
2 This meant we were able to use the time to get the Motion Control Techno-Dolly into the studio
3 Through the door.
4 So we only had to take a piece of the door frame off
5 This is a good thing.
6 It means that we can shoot all the sections tomorrow.
7 There are 79 people working tomorrow…
8 There are a lot of motion control scenes.
9 This is exciting.
10 I was a proud dad today (in other news)
11 As my daughter, Millie, played Kirsty in her scene today with Richard and Jack (see above pic)
12 Mel, our 2nd AD did a fab job in getting all the cast and Supporting Artists in for tomorrow at such short notice. Thanks Mel.
13 Mark Beasley turned up for lunch – go team Pilot!
14 We are nearly there with all final scenes planned
15 We said hello to Natalie Gavin who also aced it on the green today
16 And we said a big thanks and farewell to Richard Crehan – who has been such a brilliant Kirk. Thanks Rich – see you next Thursday.
17 The mashed potato was a triumph today with the chicken and red wine – #GoBuckles Catering!
18 We threw water over Jack McMullen for most of the day – as it was the raining sequence outside today
19 We all got our Hitchcock moment as we left the cinema today…
20 We are ready for the whole cast
Tomorrow and all the team now

Onwards and Upwards


Day 3 #TKTKM Things we did today blog http://marcusromer.posterous.com

12 Apr



Things the team did today…

1. Got hold of Air traffic Control at Leeds Bradford Airport

2. Smashed the Roth, Bates Miller and Paul  scenes

3. Seriously. Hats off to Jack, Jamie, Andy and Kerron. Smashed it.

4. Had to stop for sound. On several occasions.

5. Not because we were at fault.

6. But because there was a light aircraft doing stunts.

7. Above the studio

8. That is why we got hold of Air Traffic Control

9. They got hold of the Pilot by his radio

10. He stopped doing stunts above the studio

11. So we were then able to do both nos. 2 and 3

12. We had an early start and finished on schedule at 5.30 on the set.

13. We cast some of the SA’s today

14. We are casting for more tomorrow.

15. We managed to get the internet to speak to us after it had been a bit shy yesterday

16. Juggled the schedule and hit a piece of set very hard

17. Used a camera pod for the first time

18. Drunk fruity tea most of the day

19. Located the balsamic dressing as well as the Tomato Ketchup and Brown sauce

20. Managed to erect a shelter gazebo in this windy outpost of Yorkshire


How to survive #SXSW – a guide – #sxswace blogpost

16 Mar

1 – Use Jedi Mind powers when you cross the road. Use the force. Failing that wear a T-Shirt with Yoda on. Like this. It will get you cred points like you wouldn’t believe. Trust me, it was the right T-shirt for this event. ‘It done got good traction’…and that, my friends is a verbatim quote. Hmmm lie to you would I?


2 – Wear Good shoes. Comfortable shoes. Good comfortable shoes. Preferably ones that can give you cred too. Preferably ones that fit into the lone star state. With style. And they ‘will done get you good traction – as this is a help. You end up walking miles. 10 campuses. Texas is large. So is Austin. And public transport is at best hidden. Wear good shoes.


3 – Wear sunscreen. This is a given. Especially when you have more target to aim at like me. And you are follically challenged. There are many of us here. I know this. As this is the first time the queue – or standing in line for the gent’s restroom – is about three times the length of the womens’ toilet queue. I know this they took photos of us. The laughed at us. At the follically challenged men with red heads. Wear sunscreen. That is all. It is hot here.


4 – Make sure you eat breakfast. It is going to be a long day and night. And you can’t live off tacos 24/7. They are not part of your five a day. Neither are Margaritas a food group. Get your daily staples. Get supplies. Get curiosities.


5 – Get your schedule sorted. Make notes. Take notes. Then be prepared to go to different sessions. There are over 7,000 events in 5 days. Check with your group. Who is going to what. Use the hashtag #sxswace to keep track of changes and events. Above all keep Grouped in.


6 – In terms of what to go for with sessions – sometimes take a risk and if the keynote sessions are covered go to a smaller group discussion. You may get asked back to do a live podcast the following day and be on a panel. Worked for me. So as Humphrey Bogart said – Sometimes a hot-dog at the ballgame is better than a steak at the Ritz…


7 – Take time to discover new things. That may take you away from the Convention Centre. That is good. Get some space. Take pictures. See More of Austin. Talk to new people. Take your badge off. Go for lunch away from the festival. It refreshes you. It recharges you. See some Art.


8 – See things in a new light. From a different perspective. Reflect on what you have seen and heard. Look at familiar things from a new place.


9 – Read the notice boards. Stuck to the clingfilmed pillars are some surprises. The stuff that happens isn’t just in the sessions. It is with the people and the place.


10 – The Creative Producers team have wide ranging and diverse skills. Make connections and scan QR codes. You never know what you might unlock.


11 – Austin is an inspring City. It has contrasts and craziness. it has people and more space than you can imagine


12 – Remember to unwind and download the info. Preferably round a table. Outside. With new friends




Keep moving #onwards…











The Lone Star state – the truth about Juan Pelota – monochrome diary #SXSW

9 Mar


A black and white take on my trip round Austin yesterday. Under the bright harsh Texan sunshine I ran like a gecko between the buildings, bars and coffee shops. Everywhere there are five pointed stars. The Converse All Star, The San Pellegrino Star, The Red Star – everywhere – until of course I realised this is the lone star state. The symbol of its independence before it joined the union. So everywhere…


Even at Mellow Johnny’s – The famous bike shop owned by Lance Armstrong. Headed here to pick some things up for Sarah back in the Pilot office. Some new Livestrong bands and a water bottle. And even a T-shirt with a star symbol on from here…And of course a look around – The place has a fabulous coffee shop too. And well worth a visit. It is called ‘Juan Pelota’ and serves a range of coffees and great organic local food. I had a a brown cow smothie and a espresso doppio. At the branded table (literally branded…) which is of course where this comes from and again I hadn’t joined up those dots until I landed here in the branding centre of the world…


The truth about the name? Juan Pelota – This is Lance Armstrong’s place right? The Lance Armstrong Foundation ring any bells? Not even a single one? Pelota is Spanish for ball…Juan Pelota…Geddit Y’all?


Heading back out towards the music and venue strip on 6th Avenue – as Austin is the live Music Capital of the world –  I came across some great shots – look out for the ‘spear ghost sign and the new skyscraper’ are in terms of here ‘a keeper’


6th Avnue and up to Congress are the main areas for the SXSW festival. This is just to the east of the colossal Austin Convention Centre that hosts the talks and trade exhibitions. But up here on 6th has an older and more retro feel. And the great thing about this town is that everwhere has a free wifi connection. All the bars, shops, cafes, streets, all have their own open networks. For free. To use. With no log in and payments. Which means that it is so easy to sit with a coffee and check up on the latest info about the festival. Where you can use the online app schedule. Where you can get updates and invitations. It just works. Seamlessly. I like it. It is my kind of town for that.


A journey back to the hotel which is down a 6 lane highway takes in some interesting views and great images too


But not quite as good as the hotel pool. No diving it says. So you look up. You can’t miss it. The six lane highway is now a twelve lane junction. You hear it. It is not very far away. You don’t dive in. You dip your feet in carefully here


Til later – as it is Mardi Gras and people are walking by with beads and balloon hats…




The TED Commandments…How to keep your hair on and survive #TEDactive #TED

7 Mar


I have just spent an inspiring 7 days at TEDActive In that time I have:- Watched over 50 speakers give their 18 minute TED talks. Watched another 35 speakers present their 5 minute TEDyou presentations and provocations. Seen five live bands play and have been actively involved in creating a presentation for our Social Networks group. So how to survive when you feel like the top of your head has been lifted off…

1. Don’t skip breakfast before the first early session. You never know what surprises await you. Be there before 8am.This means you have to get up early and check what’s on offer…


2. Carry enough Moleskine notebooks. Make notes. Lots of them. This was a three book week. Then photograph the notes with your iphone. You are then able to use the hashtag #OldschoolNewschool. Take lots of pictures.


3. Wear your badge at all time. Even sleep with it round your neck so you can stagger quickly in the morning to grab a quesadilla with interesting filling. No Badge? No Quesadilla. Simple.


4. Wear Sunscreen. It is hot here, your brain is steaming and cooking enough already. Don’t fry it in the sun. Wear sunscreen. Spray it on other people’s heads too. It always starts a conversation.


5. Follow people – in real life this time. Talk to them. Don’t stalk them. Don’t be a TED stalker. This is not TEDStalks. Go to people and say hello. Even if you are scared they are mega famous. They still have a badge on. You can talk to them, and start a conversation. There are clues on their badge as to what to talk to them about. It says so on the label. Some of them turn out to be Morgan Spurlock. He is really cool – even though he is Super-Small-Sized here…


6. Watch all the talks. They will change the way you think. If you have come all this way, don’t miss any. The unexpected ones will always surprise you. The talks are a whole year’s worth of ideas. And more. JR is 27 years old. He won the TED prize. He deserved to do so.


7. Change your perspective. Sit next to people who wear interesting shoes


8. Go to the desert party. Go in a jeep on the San Andreas Fault line. Look at the stars. They are closer than you realise. You will see Tom Morello play guitar on this stage.


9. When you go to Lucille Ball’s old house for a meeting with your TEDActive group. Never miss the opportunity for doing some research. Make Shift Happen – but don’t forget to see things from both sides


10. Talk and listen. Have conversations. Make notes. Send messages, share ideas, spread the good ones. Make a stand and make change happen – and always – ALWAYS IGNORE the advice on every bottle of A1 Steak Sauce


Most importantly, leave with a full notebook, with new friends and colleagues that you know you will know for a long time. 


Pack up your bags – and head off to the next adventure…


Lessons in life – part 37

24 Sep


When speaking on a panel and you are constantly being referred to as a man in a suit – stand up and let them see your jeans and leather Chucks.

A lacklustre review can be allowed to spoil your breakfast, but it must never be allowed to ruin your lunch.

Remember that however many times a piece is rehearsed there will always by at least one time during a run when an actor has to visit A and E.

You do not need to ask for permission to have an idea and to make things happen. Ever.

Remember when you put your head above the parapet people will sling stuff at you. But the view is better and clearer from up there.

If you never say no to invitations, what is the value of your ‘yes’ worth ?

An artist is not a different type of person, but every person is a different type of artist.

With all training I use my medical background of – observe one, assist on one, then do one. If it is how we train surgeons it is more than applicable for directors…

That is all


on first nights… #kissbythebook

11 Sep


 As a director on first nights…
1 the adrenalin your body produces is the same as going through a windscreen at 70 mph
2 you do not eat the right food
3 you go through every single line, cue and moment of the show whilst sitting in your seat, knowing that you are unable to do anything if it goes wrong

4 you feel sick

5 you ask yourself over and over why the hell you are in this position again
6 you avoid people at the interval
7 you clutch a pen and paper as if they may help
8 at the end you go and see the team

9 you breathe more normally

10 the feeling starts to come on you that it may be possible to think about the future 

11 you talk too much in the bar
12 you make sure everyone has a drink
13 you thank people for coming

14 you listen to their thoughts
15 you smile and say thankyou
16 you go home and lie awake thinking about the whole show again
17 you visit your notes and then breathe again 

18 you wake up with a jolt and think it is first night again
19 you relax and are pleased to see a write up in The Guardian Guide, and the must see section
20 you read messages on twitter from people who saw the show
21 you reply thanking them
22 you drink coffee and remember that it will all happen again today
23 you speak to members of the team
24 you realise that you need to start the whole process of adrenalin build up for press night
25 you feel relieved that all went well
26 that the set onstage looked exactly like the model
27 still surprised that people clapped and said supportive things

28 you listen to the kissbythebook playout song written for the show by  Sandy Nuttgens and sung by Molly McQueen

29 realise that you are in a privileged position to be able to choose to work with creative and talented people

Marcus Romer


Things I love #kissbythebook R&J rehearsal blog

28 Aug


1 the silver birch tree in my garden swaying in the summer breeze
2 running the show for the first time

3 realising how much we have got right

4 realising how much we still have to do
5 drop box for enabling me to send the fight videos from the show to our composer
6 getting good script notes from Universal Pictures for a new film project

7 realising that the cast were the absolute right choice

8 the text from my son who enjoyed Arcade Fire at Leeds Festival
9 the smell of courgette frittata in our kitchen
10 the picked apples and plums in the fruit bowls
11 the chat with Katie Posner outside Paolo’s today
12 the text conversation with Sandy about the soundtrack
13 the family meal we are planning for Jamie and Smita tomorrow
14 finishing day 11 of rehearsal for R&J and working out we have 10 more working days before opening night.
15 working out we have 14 days before press night

16 working out I now have 2 days off
17 realising that I will be working on the soundtrack on Monday

18 the ideas and plans from our lx designer
19 being able to ‘send down the elevator’ and bring people up
20 getting an email from one of our team who will be lighting a show at The National Theatre this autumn

21 seeing how much the silver birch tree in my garden has grown….
22 remembering that my job allows me to make things with other creative people
23 making things with creative people
24 eating dinner in my kitchen with Susie
25 being the age I am


Bar Italia

28 Jul

Hi Just a quick catch up post from here with thoughts…

1 Coffee good
2 Weather hot
3 Coffee hot
4 Sea Cold
5 Bar Italia good
6 Head hot
7 Pizza Napoli good
8 Thinking time good
9 Book good
10 Making plans good
11 Good times
12 All good

I’ve been thinking…

24 Jul


20+ things I have been thinking today, about…

1 The new production of R&J which starts rehearsing in three weeks, as I am sure there is something I have forgotten to do
2 The fact that we are opening a different show next week at the Byre in Scotland – and Mandy Smith who directed it is off up there to see it in.??
2a The fact that??I can’t get there to see it as I am going to be away – (see 3)
3 The notion of a holiday – and how that is going to get squeezed in to the time, and whether it is possible to actually switch off these days properly. I mean really properly, because, (see 4)
4 Arts funding and the shifting landscape that we are now entering as a country. What this means for potential future plans, programmes and personnel
4a The difficulty about switching off – properly
4b Shaving my head today and cutting the grass
5 Why when I shave my head I always mow the grass on the same day and realise afterwards
6 What to have for tea – and more importantly have I got everything ready for a holiday
7 The answer to the latter part of (6) is no
8 Not at all.
9 Being woefully unprepared for the holiday and thinking back about (1) again
10 Missing seeing Hansel and Gretel at The Byre (see2)
11 Coming back to thinking about (4) again
12 As thinking about (4) will impact on the ability to deliver 22 week tours like the production of ??(1) possibly. Or maybe differently
13 So I have been thinking about future possibilities.
14 Which brings me back to (4a) How to switch off
15 So what i did do was – shave my head. Then cut the grass.
16 Then started back at (1) again
17 A resolution about (6) is – seafood risotto
18 A good plan
19?? Thinking about this picture again -??
20?? A Rodin in Buenos Aires I found earlier this year
20a Thinking I must make plans to get back there again…