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Pilot Theatre’s Photostream for R&J

18 Sep

Romeo & Juliet Audience Reaction #kissbythebook

17 Sep

Pilot Romeo and Juliet Education Pack #kissbythebook

14 Sep

on first nights… #kissbythebook

11 Sep


 As a director on first nights…
1 the adrenalin your body produces is the same as going through a windscreen at 70 mph
2 you do not eat the right food
3 you go through every single line, cue and moment of the show whilst sitting in your seat, knowing that you are unable to do anything if it goes wrong

4 you feel sick

5 you ask yourself over and over why the hell you are in this position again
6 you avoid people at the interval
7 you clutch a pen and paper as if they may help
8 at the end you go and see the team

9 you breathe more normally

10 the feeling starts to come on you that it may be possible to think about the future 

11 you talk too much in the bar
12 you make sure everyone has a drink
13 you thank people for coming

14 you listen to their thoughts
15 you smile and say thankyou
16 you go home and lie awake thinking about the whole show again
17 you visit your notes and then breathe again 

18 you wake up with a jolt and think it is first night again
19 you relax and are pleased to see a write up in The Guardian Guide, and the must see section
20 you read messages on twitter from people who saw the show
21 you reply thanking them
22 you drink coffee and remember that it will all happen again today
23 you speak to members of the team
24 you realise that you need to start the whole process of adrenalin build up for press night
25 you feel relieved that all went well
26 that the set onstage looked exactly like the model
27 still surprised that people clapped and said supportive things

28 you listen to the kissbythebook playout song written for the show by  Sandy Nuttgens and sung by Molly McQueen

29 realise that you are in a privileged position to be able to choose to work with creative and talented people

Marcus Romer


Things I love #kissbythebook R&J rehearsal blog

28 Aug


1 the silver birch tree in my garden swaying in the summer breeze
2 running the show for the first time

3 realising how much we have got right

4 realising how much we still have to do
5 drop box for enabling me to send the fight videos from the show to our composer
6 getting good script notes from Universal Pictures for a new film project

7 realising that the cast were the absolute right choice

8 the text from my son who enjoyed Arcade Fire at Leeds Festival
9 the smell of courgette frittata in our kitchen
10 the picked apples and plums in the fruit bowls
11 the chat with Katie Posner outside Paolo’s today
12 the text conversation with Sandy about the soundtrack
13 the family meal we are planning for Jamie and Smita tomorrow
14 finishing day 11 of rehearsal for R&J and working out we have 10 more working days before opening night.
15 working out we have 14 days before press night

16 working out I now have 2 days off
17 realising that I will be working on the soundtrack on Monday

18 the ideas and plans from our lx designer
19 being able to ‘send down the elevator’ and bring people up
20 getting an email from one of our team who will be lighting a show at The National Theatre this autumn

21 seeing how much the silver birch tree in my garden has grown….
22 remembering that my job allows me to make things with other creative people
23 making things with creative people
24 eating dinner in my kitchen with Susie
25 being the age I am


Day 6 of R&J rehearsal #kissbythebook

24 Aug

We have moved back to the Walmgate rehearsal rooms now where the York Theatre Royal costume and prop store is.

We had a later call to allow the set to be re-fitted up again. It always takes a bit to get going on the second week. We had second costume fittings and Chloe was going through the new costumes with all the cast.

This meant we were a little slow to get going on Monday, but having said that we did manage to get up to page 26. We are going to try and get to the end of Act one today – page 37 plus we have a scheduled production meeting at 1pm and both Richard Howell (LX designer) and Chloe Lamford (Set and Costumes) will be joining us via skype for that.

I also have a skype meeting with composet Sandy Nuttgens about the soundtrack at 9.30 so I better get a move on as there is a lot to get through today. So Katie and I will be working pretty smartly today…

Go go gadget legs!

Til later

YouTube intro of the cast and design for @pilot_theatre ‘s – R&J #kissbythebook

22 Aug

Starting week 2 of R&J with remixed track of #kissbythebook

22 Aug



With Oliver Wilson as Romeo, Rachel Spicer as Juliet and Mary Rose as Lady Capulet at the shrine…
Track – You Kiss by The Book – by Sandy Nuttgens

A great week at Jo Ro School rehearsing R&J #kissbythebook

20 Aug

A big thanks to Joseph Rowntree School who let us rehearse for our first week in their new school hall

What an amazing space, with extraordinary facilities. We are moving back to our usual rehearsal space I’m Walmgate, York next week as they are now free.

But as a kick off to the project this has been a fab space to work We will be back…

#kissbythebook – Romeo & Juliet @pilot_theatre

11 Aug

Images of the cast with images of the set with a new track by composer Sandy Nuttgens #kissbythebook