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Back from the Czech Republic today

21 Jun

Lots to tell – lots to share – a good trip – things to do now – a new application for October for the network to continue – three shows seen – plans made – will post pictures on here tomorrow – in the meantime – catching up and gearing up for shift happens – and The Knife That Killed Me post production schedule – as well as post production for Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner –

So for now a picture of Heinz sauce from last night 🙂

The band for the start of platform11 final show #Plzen Czech Republic

18 Jun

A hot day – A premiere – soup and goulash for lunch – a band plays on – the first of three shows to see

We went to the opening that out Associate Tom Bellerby had directed with the Dutch Choreographer Lotte Lohrengel for Pilot Theatre

It was fabulous in a hot and steamy room with an audience of over 120 people we saw the ‘Time of Transition’ take place

Our Producer Mandy Smith and I watched the show whilst Sarah Seddon and Mark Beasley filmed the one hour performance. Go team Pilot!

The performers were Edward Wren for Pilot, from the UK, Eva Docolomanska from Slovakia, Giuditta Mingucci from Italy, Lies van der Wiel from Holland, and Peter Butkowsky from Slovakia.

Alongside designer Ilaria Ariemme also from Milan – the show was created in three weeks and worked across all the languages from the whole team.

The result was a captivating and enchanting piece of theatre – with very strong narrative and performances.

On the day when we also heard that Greece had voted to stay in the Euro and keep the union together – it was a joy to see this project reaffirm the strengths of collaboration, hard work and energy to make something that would have been impossible only a few years ago.

The fact that we are making work in this city and connecting with the other 11 countries who are part of this Platform 11 project – makes me feel proud as an artistic director of a company working in this way.

Seeing our young artists develop and grow as they make creative decisions with fellow artists is part of what we do,

Off to see more – more later


Stuart Childs sets off for 4 week adventure to Portugal for @pilot_theatre

7 Jun

As part of our EU project – visual and media artist Stuart Childs (@sc_r) is off to build and make an installation at Theatre O’Bando in Palmela, Portugal – here is the blog for the project

Pilot Theatre???s Platform Festival, May 2010

24 May

Pilot Theatre???s Platform Festival, May 2010

10:51am Friday 21st May 2010

As part of the European project Platform 11+, Pilot Theatre is mounting a festival this week at York Theatre Royal??? Studio.

Under the umbrella of Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards, the Theatre Royal company in residence is mounting three projects as part of a project that connects 13 companies across 12 countries.

Pilot has been working with Manor School and Joseph Rowntree School, leading to performances of Schoolyard Stories on May 17 and May 25 and a day of rehearsed readings and workshops on Sunday.

Artistic director Marcus Romer has returned from Argentina, bearing three cutting-edge tales about life in school Buenos Aires style for performance in Spanish and English by the Argentinean theatre company Atina tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday.

Whereas that show is suitable for 14 year olds and upwards, Richard Hurford???s new play, The Mystery Of Jack And The Clones Of Chaos, is aimed at the eight-plus age group. Directed by Pilot associate director Katie Posner, it will be performed on Tuesday, with half-term workshops and performances to follow from June 1 to 4.

Delayed by the volcanic ash cloud that forced them to fly from Buenos Aires to Madrid and finally onwards to England, Argentinean actors Celeste Martinez and Julian Sierra have arrived in York with assistant director Solange Perazzo to perform WC School, a series of three plays stamped Made In Argentina.

All set in a schoolyard, and more specifically the battleground of the school loos, Carlos de Urquiza???s Nuevas Practicas Comerciales (New Business Transactions), Gabriel Fernandez Chapo???s Che Guevara and Luz Rodriguez Urquiza???s Quedate Aca (Stay Here) were premiered in March when Marcus Romer worked with the company in Buenos Aires.

???I met the company director, Maria Ines Falconi, in Budapest as part of the Platform 11+ project, and I was invited by the Popular University of the Belgrano in Buenos Aires to direct three plays from a choice of six from a playwriting competition from all over South America,??? says Marcus.

???So I chose three plays that had a link and spent one month, in February and March, making the show ??? a very beautiful experience ??? for performances at the university in March.???

Whereas the shows in Argentina were in Spanish, the performances in York will be in English and Spanish.

???Where else are we going to hear Argentinean Spanish???? says Marcus. ???We???ve found a solution to the problem of translation by having a pr??cis and questions in English and answers in Spanish, as we want it to be truthful and for Celeste and Julian to perform like the nightingales they are.???

Solange, Celeste and Julian are acclimatising to performing in England. ???It feels weird, exciting, like a whole new experience,??? says Solange. ???We???re making the plays happen again in a different place, on a different stage with many, many different expressive possibilities.

???We???re renewing the energy of the plays and we believe this work in England will help the plays grow up in Spanish.???

Julian is excited at the possibilities of the project.

???It???s a challenge performing in England, and it???s bigger for me because I don???t speak fluent English,??? he says, with the assistance of Solange.

???It???s expressively important for us as independent actors, who perform theatre for children and young people, when usually it???s very difficult to meet people from other cultures. I???m very happy to be an ambassador for my country and very proud of it.???

Celeste has enjoyed the contrast with normal Argentinean theatre working practices. ???It???s weird but fantastic at the same time. It???s my first time in Europe, and the feeling is that we???ve had two openings of the plays, first in Argentina and now in York,??? she says.

???It???s been a challenge because we had only a short time to develop the show in Buenos Aires, working, working, working long days. Now it???s very interesting to take out our tools and make the plays happen in England.

???Normally we work very differently in Argentina: we would have three or four months of rehearsals for a play, rehearsing maybe three times a week. With Marcus, we worked eight hours a day, when usually four hours would be a long day.???

Solange smiles at the memory. ???For us, to turn four months into just three weeks of rehearsals, we didn???t know what had hit us. Marcus had to learn how to let us work in our way,??? she says. ???But what we???ve learned with this project is how to communicate with someone through theatre in any language.???

Marcus rejoins: ???The thing for me is global communications. At one point, we were rehearsing with the aid of Skype, with me watching them live from York, 7,000 miles away,??? he says.

???The important thing is where it might lead next, doing work across those huge distances. Having made connections with Argentina, it would be foolish not to develop it further. The way that things are going, if we are to survive after [Culture Secretary] Jeremy Hunt announced arts cuts, we have to create networks, opening opportunities across communication and connection.???

??? For details of performance times and tickets, see yorktheatreroyal.co.uk Box office: 01904 623568.

Chaos clones puzzle poor Jack

RICHARD Hurford???s short new play for Platform 11+, The Mystery Of Jack And The Clones Of Chaos, looks at identity.

???We all have lots of faces, as we???re all chameleons in life,??? says director Katie Posner. ???This play looks at how you can be different with your mother to how you are with your friends in the playground.???

Richard decided he wanted to write a play from a boy???s perspective ??? he will next be co-writing a play from a girl???s perspective with the Italian company Elsinore ??? and constructed his drama around 13-year-old Jack, whose world changes when the ???Clones Of Chaos??? move in to his bedroom.

Bryn Holding, 22, will play Jack as a time-travelling adult, as well as the assorted clones that threaten to take over his bygone teenage world, and he will be joined in the cast by 14-year-old Mark Armstrong-Smith.

???The piece was originally going to be a one-man show but now it will feature Mark as young Jack,??? says Katie.

???Because Bryn is playing ten other characters, like Cool Jack, Jack The Lad and Hairy Jack, I wanted to have someone there on stage who was younger, rather than just have the adult Jack travelling back in time.???


The worst name for a coffee shop…ever

19 Apr

As seen in Bratislava….

o2 / Thames / Whitebait / Meeting / Trafalgar / Greenwich

28 Mar

At the EU Platform 11 meeting, what a view, whitebait for lunch, an discussing the open air production in Palmela, Portugal

Even though it is Sunday, I like my job today


Platform 11 on the train home…

27 Mar

After seeing The Fever Chart at Trafalgar studios the whole 12 country delegation head back to Greenwich after eating a meal…

Fun and games will ensue

Platform 11 plus – The project

14 Mar

A bit more info and background on the project and why I am here in Buenos Aires