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Friar Lawrence’s Cell #kissbythebook #tech run

9 Sep

Not quite as far as we wanted #kissbythebook

7 Sep

As far as the wedding but not quite Lx cues into the book up to page 29

All sound done

More glaze on the woodwork needed

Flowers still to be set and finalised

More candles to be wired up

The neon still to be fitted into the box

Gauze to be cleaned

Cyc to be stretched

Tech to start at 10.30 in the morning

Normal progress for tech week

That is all

Good work by everyone


Final rehearsal run-through before tech week #kissbythebook

5 Sep


The final run-through of the play yesterday in the rehearsal space

We have had the set for three weeks now and it is time for it to be fitted into the theatre for our opening next Friday

It is always a scary moment running the show and knowing the next time we will fully run it we will be in the 900 seat auditorium at York Theatre Royal

Last minute changes meant the we completely altered the position on set of two final crucial scenes The right call seeing it in the run and both Katie Posner and I agreed that it was much stronger visually

We then had a cueing meeting with Richard Howell LX designer and Sarah Quinney DSM

Here we put cue points in the book relating to both sound and lx cue points. This will make the tech mean that we are all on the same page and will provide a good shorthand for us all

A day clear on Sunday to allow us to hit the ground running for tech week

here is a new mix of the Party track for Romeo and Juliet by @sandynuttgens


Romeo & Juliet, York Theatre Royal, Sept 10 to 25 then on tour #kissbythebook

4 Sep


End of week three #kissbythebook

3 Sep

At the end of week three we are about to run the whole show.

We have final costume fittings today and some cuts to make

It’s what happens – but we are almost there. The whole story through Lady Capulet’s eyes is now becoming clearer.

We have over 1,500 flowers on the set, 4 knives, two poison bottles, and a full soundtrack We are ready to go

More later…

I love you eternity #kissbythebook

1 Sep


Outside the rehearsal room – the flowers for Mercutio have been put up…


The shrine of flowers #kissbythebook

29 Aug
With a guide track we have been using for when Juliet is threatened by her father and her decison to do something about  it…
by Sandy Nuttgens