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A day at the conference #UNESCOconf

16 Nov


The Mayor of Seoul, Mr Park won Soon, addressing the start of the Conference


The site visit to Dongdaemun Design Park where all the designated cities shared their work


Kersten at the Park Entrance with the mascot of Seoul’s Design City


A view from inside the construction site for the new Design Centre


The Korean musical performance in the evening



A door I passed today #Seoul #UNESCOconf

16 Nov

This was at the restaurant we all went to for the Mayoral reception.

I saw no-one go in, and no-one come out…

It is 4.45 in the morning here. I am up answering emails.

More a bit later…

We’ve got Seoul… #UNESCOconf

16 Nov

Outside the COEX Conference Centre – where we spent the day today. A chance to meet the 26 Creative Cities and the other applicant cities

Had conversations today with people from Buenos Aires, Berlin, Glasgow, St Etienne, Sapporo, Shenzhen, Edinburgh, Santa Fe, Antalya, Dublin, Seoul, Paris, Melbourne, Montreal, Kentucky, and loads more…

I have tons of business cards and I have worn a hard hat to go on a tour of the new Design Centre being built here at the cost of $4.1bn. It was a long tour. The Centre will be enormous.

I have eaten small little fishes that I thought were noodles, and had asparagus, bacon and shrimp dim sum for breakfast.

I have been up for 18 hours now. I may not be making coherent sense to anyone but myself now. So I am going to head to bed – it is nearly Thursday in a couple of minutes.

We have a presentation to do tomorrow. I will choose an alternative breakfast in the morning. Fresh fruit.

That will be a good idea. I will post a picture of Kersten and myself wearing blue hard hats if we get a couple of likes to this post…

It’s up to you…

That’s all folks



Delegate bags now packed for delivery #UNESCOconf

16 Nov

All the delegate bags have been packed – with promo DVD – document, City brochure in Korean and English –

We present our slides and talk tomorrow – we have just been through it, edited and adapted it

It has been a long day today, with a trip to the Unesco Creative Cities exhibition and a full day of Mayoral talks.

Very exciting and we have met some great partners and collaborators. More later


At the #UNESCOconf @kersten1england speaking

16 Nov

Wednesday morning – going to register #UNESCOconf

15 Nov


The view in the daytime from the hotel – just a quick note to say that we are going to register at 8.15 then head to the opening ceremony at 9am

Had some great feedback from this blog overnight via twitter – Ji-Ho Park sent me a link here about top places to see in Seoul.

Got some good updates from Chris back in York about the revised timetable, and we are arranging a skype test later today for our live session on Friday.

So more pictures to follow and updates when the Conference starts properly today.

Til later

Seoul Lantern Festival – #UNESCOconf

15 Nov


On the way back from the dinner we passed an amazing lantern festival along what was once a river in the centre of Seoul. I only managed to capture a black and white shot as we sped through the city in the car. (No I wasn’t driving!).

To prove it here is a picture of the driver of the cab taking us back to the hotel. 🙂


And yes I am awake. In the hotel. It is 4.00 clock in the morning here, which means it is Wednesday. – Body clock wise it is Tuesday 7pm in the UK and I suppose it is really the time for dinner. Which is why I awoke I suppose.

Time for a cup of tea I think. And a biscuit. Got to be up in three hours.



Seoul Food – day before the start of the #UNESCOconf

15 Nov


Arrived at the hotel. After the final leg of the flight. 10 degrees C here, and leaves are falling from the trees. It is Autumn.

The view is amazing, we are 9 hours ahead here from the UK – which meant that we have pretty much wiped out Tuesday. We landed at 6pm here – (9am UK time) and headed straight out to our meeting at The British Embassy.

We had dinner with our host, Dominic McAllister who heads up the Economic, Climate and Science division for the Embassy here in Seoul. It was great to get the lowdown on all the latest information from their perspective, and to also enjoy a traditional Korean meal.

There were four types of soup, five types of mushroom and several versions of noodles – Some were warm, some were cold and some were hidden in the soup. The pickled veg work well, and the chrysanthemum tea was extraordinary.

We then headed back to the hotel where we checked in just after 10pm. Collected our bags and headed off. The hotel has 30 floors, wifi, and the UNESCO conference starts from here at 9am tomorrow (Wednesday)

We will be assembling our promo bags in the morning before we start the first session.

Tired now. I know it is only 2pm back in the UK. But here we are nearly into tomorrow. Dear world – you owe me a Tuesday. I will book one for next week.


Plane camera #unescoconf

15 Nov


Seriously amazing ‘Tail Cam’ on the plane as we made our descent into Incheon Aiport in Korea.

Just arrived in Seoul – 8 hours flying time from Dubai

Off to the British Embassy now to meet Dominic McAllister

slow wifi here in #Dubai Airport

14 Nov

that is all…

I could post from here

no pictures I am afraid now

too many people on the network


tired now