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Welcome to my work and world

12 Aug
Sing-Yer-Heart-Out-Gallery-1Sally Orrock in Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads – photo by Simon Warner

Welcome to my website and growing archive of my work. Here you will find stuff about my current work as well as past projects.

I am a theatre and filmmaker and have also taught and spoken at conferences around the world.

Recently I have been making work online – with our new company Mutiny – and have been working with artists and creative practitioners to develop new projects during the lockdown period of 2020.

On the site there are over 600 blogposts dating back to 2008 – which cover most projects and aspects of my career so far. Use the search function to have a dig around in the archive –  or look at the word cloud and see what takes your fancy!

There are also photos and videos from current and previous projects to have a look at, as well as reviews and testimonials

If you want to get in contact with me just have a click here and choose how you would like to drop me a line.

or you can email me here marcusromeruk@gmail.com

Pictures and videos from the archive of shows I have directed – The Indian International Film Academy – The Bollywood Oscars Award Ceremony

17 Jun

In 2007 I was commissioned to deliver the opening of The IIFA awards –  the Bollywood Oscars, which in that year, was taking place at Sheffield Arena.

Picture 19

I pulled the team together for the event and the video was created by Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler (with whom I went on to make the movie ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ for Universal Pictures) We shot hundreds of people from Yorkshire on Green Screen and put them against images from Yorkshire.

Picture 5

The music was created by Sandy Nuttgens who put together Johnny Kalsi from The Dhol Foundation with the Kaiser Chiefs to create the Ruby remix

The live opening of the show was directed by Marcus Romer with Kully Thiarai, with choreography by Darshan Singh Bhuller, costumes by Ali Allen.

The video was the backdrop to Aerial Artists, dancers and performers, who rehearsed with the video so the action and timings were integrated.


We had aerial artists on silks who came down from the rig as part of the narrative of the three ribbons heading towards the arena across the landscape of Yorkshire.

Picture 13

Here is the video that was used as the backdrop for the stage set that included all the images of Yorkshire and the people we shot on Green Screen.


The dancers and performers appeared also with 30 children from a local primary school in Sheffield. Here are the main performers post the show.


Here is the TV interview pre-show and the full Arena Show on video too. It was broadcast on Star TV in India to an audience of over 500 million.



The experience of making this on Green Screen with Kit Monkman started our working relationship which led to the making of The Knife That Killed Me in 2012 for Universal Pictures.

Photos – Marcus Romer and screen grabs from the video edit.


Pictures from the archive of shows I have directed – Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads

11 Jun

This toured nationally from September 2006 through to March 2007 with a cast of 14 actors. It was a great cast with Peter Bankole, Claude Close, Andrew Falvey, Chad Gomez, Darren Hart, Neville Hutton, Suzann McLean, Charles Mnene, Mark Monero, Mikey North, Sally Orrock, Tom Sawyer, Tim Treloar, Deka Walmsley.


Darren Hart, Mikey North and Charles Mnene


Andrew Falvey, Tom Sawyer, Chad Gomez, Neville Hutton with Peter Bankole as Barry


Peter Bankole as Barry


Tim Treloar, Andrew Falvey, Peter Bankole


Claude Close and Sally Orrock

Creative Team

Director Marcus Romer

Writer  Roy Williams

Design Emma Donovan

Music Sandy Nuttgens and Sweetie Irie

Lighting James Farncombe

Fight Direction Richard Ryan

Photographer  Karl Andre




‘Marcus Romer’s production seems to have everything: pace, precision, power. The result is sensational’

The Guardian ****

“Resonant and timely”
The Stage ****





Pictures from the archive of shows I have directed – Romeo & Juliet

10 Jun

This was a national tour that ran for 6 months between September 2010 and March 2011. Opening at York Theatre Royal and with a three week run at the Unicorn in London.


Directed by Marcus Romer with Katie Posner

Design by Chloe Lamford

Lighting by Richard Howell

Music by Sandy Nuttgens

Associate Director Katie Posner

Photographer  Karl Andre


Rachel Spicer as Juliet, Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Romeo, Mary Rose as Lady Capulet, William Travis as Capulet, Chris Lindon as Mercutio, Richard James-Neale as Tybalt, Bryn Holding as Benvolio, Louisa Eyo as Nurse and Prince.


Rachel Spicer as Juliet, Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Romeo


Rachel Spicer as Juliet, Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Romeo


The cast on the flower filled set


Oliver Alvin-Wilson and Louisa Eyo


Rachel Spicer as Juliet, Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Romeo


Louisa Eyo as The Prince


Rachel Spicer as Juliet, Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Romeo

Trailer from the show



“Much like Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film version, this is an ultramodern Romeo & Juliet, but theatrical rather than cinematic. Out go Pilot’s trademark multi-media flourishes; in comes traditional, flesh-and-blood, physical theatre strengths, allied to Sandy Nuttgens’s always appropriate music.”

York Press

“This is a stylish take on Shakespeare’s ever-popular tragedy. Pilot Theatre’s reputation for productions easy on-the-eye has been well-earned and they don’t disappoint with Romeo and Juliet.”

Yorkshire Post

“As a company dedicated to reinterpreting classic work for young people, Pilot can be depended upon to apply a fresh perspective.”

The Guardian

Pictures from the archive of shows I have directed or produced. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

9 Jun

This show was from 2012 and the cast and creative team list is below. Adapted by Roy Williams this was a national tour from September to December 2012. It had an amazing cast and introduced Elliot Barnes-Worrell in his debut role. It was also a stage debut for Jack McMullen – who joined the cast just after we had finished filming The K fir That Killed Me. The design incorporated a 5 metre long running track which could move in both directions. During each performance Elliot would run over 5 Kilometres.


Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Colin Smith


Jack McMullen, Alix Ross, Savannah Gordon-Liburd, Elliot Barnes-Worrell


Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Doreene Blackstock and Richard Pepple


Elliot Barnes.-Worrell, Curtis Cole and Sean Sagar


Elliot Barnes-Worrell and Jack McMullen


The set and one of the projection states.


The trailer video


“…this is a brainy as well as a brawny performance, as far removed from Tom Courtenay’s in the 1962 film as one could conceive – we’re hearing here from the voice of alienated black London youth – yet imbued with the qualities that made Courtenay’s troublemaker so sympathetic: surly defiance, sly humour and much below-the-surface vulnerability.”

The Telegraph

“Flawlessly directed by Marcus Romer and stylishly designed by Lydia Denno, the discussions this show will provoke will run and run.”

The Observer

“Certain performances are destined for a long run, though few are likely to run quite this far. At the heart of this Pilot Theatre production, Elliot Barnes-Worrell not only puts in an aggressively charismatic performance as Alan Sillitoe’s antisocial athlete, he spends much of the evening pounding away on a treadmill. A conservative estimate is that he covers around 4km per show.”

Alfred Hickling – The Guardian

The Independent Review

“Roy Williams’s remarkable updated adaptation of Alan Sillitoe’s The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner at Nottingham Playhouse is full of nuanced politics.”

The Telegraph



Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Colin Smith

Doreene Blackstock as Mum

Curtis Cole as Luke/PC

Dominic Gately as Stevens

Savannah Gordon-Liburd as Kenisha

Jack McMullen as Jase

Richard Pepple as Dad/Trevor

Alix Ross as Sandra/Guard

Sean Sagar as Asher/PC/Guard

Luke James as Gunthorpe and Company ASM




From the novel by Alan Stilltoe

Adapted for the stage by Roy Williams

Directed by Marcus Romer

Designed by Lydia Denno

Lighting Designed by Mark Beasley

AV Design by Lydia Denno & Mark Beasley

Soundscape by Sandy Nuttgens

Staff Director – Tom Bellerby

Photographer  Karl Andre


Pictures from the archive of shows I have directed or produced. #Antigone

8 Jun

This is part of a series of photographs from shows I have directed or produced over the years.

This is a striking image from the rehearsal room where I was directing Antigone – a new adaptation by Roy Williams. This was a coproduction with Derby Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East with Pilot Theatre.


It shows Sean Sagar, and Lloyd Thomas at the back as the soldiers with Oliver Alvin-Wilson and Savannah Gordon-Liburd at the front As the Lieutenant and Antigone as they confront her uncle Creo’ played by Mark Monero.

Later in the production shots you can see Creo’ and Antigone in an uncle and niece standoff.


And later when Antigone is with Eamonn played by Gamba Cole before they make their final decision.



This show toured the UK between September 2014 – March 2015.

Directed by Marcus Romer / Designed by Joanna Scotcher / Music by Sandy Nuttgens

Cast also include Doreen Blackstock, Freida Thiel, Luke James.


Doreene Blackstock as Eunice and Savannah Gordon-Liburd as Antigone.

Photos by Robert Day

The trailer



“a brilliant example of exciting and electrifying theatre truly connecting with a modern day audience. “

The Big Issue

Read Full Review

Making and directing 6 shows in the last 12 months

2 Feb

It’s been a busy old time – and what a great range of projects I have had the privilege of working on over the last 12 months. I have worked with fantastic teams with whom I have collaborated with to deliver 6 very diverse pieces of performance work. I will let the pictures speak for themselves – and let you know the teams who helped me to make these happen.

January – February 2019

Let The Right One inBristol Old Vic Theatre School – adapted by Jack Thorne. Designed by Alana Ashley with costumes by Roisin Martindale. Music by Andy Jenks, Lighting and AV by Joe Stathers. This had great laser projection that allowed pinpoint blood splatters on the bodies. It also had a wonderful final year cast. It ran at Circomedia in Bristol in February 2019.

Let The Right One In_Mark Dawson Photography_DSC_7608Let The Right One In_Mark Dawson Photography_DSC_7785Let The Right One In_Mark Dawson Photography_DSC_7469

March – August 2019
Justice 39 – People Power Passion – Revoluton Arts written by Roy Williams, Atiha Sen Gupta, James McDermott. Design, graphics and AR Simon Poulter, Video by Sophie Mellor, directing team Suzann McLean, music by Sandy Nuttgens, Lavz and Sadface the Poet. Images by Simon Poulter. A large scale outdoor production for the city of culture bid in Luton, which had live performance, augmented reality, live music, video and graphics.


Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 21.34.45IMG_0860Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 21.51.02


July – September 2019

Pride and Prejudice – adapted by Simon Reade, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds. Design by Dawn Allsopp, Lighting by Dave Thwaites, Sound by Chris Last, Movement direction by Julia Cave, costumes by Heidi McEvoy-Swift, Photos by Tony Kelly. The production with a professional team of 6 actors and a community cast of 18 ran for 16 shows over the summer.


September 2019

Cambridge International Education & Culture Centre. University of Cambridge Summer School. Words by Tim Wheeler and Marcus Romer. A Shakespeare summer school with our version of the Tempest with these students from across China.


November 2019 – January 2020

Peter PanTheatre Royal Bury St Edmunds – written by Chris Hannon, MD Ward Baker, Sound Drew Bauhmol, Design Dawn Allsopp, costumes by Heidi McEvoy-Swift, LX John Slevin, Choreography and movement Jess Ellen Knight. Images Tony Kelly. This was the most successful pantomime in the theatre’s history and the team delivered 84 performances over a seven week run.


January – February 2020

Shirley ValentineTheatre Royal Bury St Edmunds – by Willy Russell, with Keddy Sutton as Shirley, Design by Alana Ashley, LX by Arnim Friess, Sound by Chris Last, Associate Director Natasha Rickman, costumes by Heidi McEvoy-Swift. Images by Aaron Weight and Arnim Friess. This just opened on January 31st and runs until February 15th.



So what’s next? Well I will be directing Big Skies in June for Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds – written by Atiha Sen Gupta and James McDermott.

Then I will be directing the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Community Production in August. The title for this will be announced soon once we have secured the rights…

I am currently programming the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds season to the end of 2020 as acting Artistic Director.

I am also by working alongside my new partners for Mutiny Projects in a new R&D for Arts Council England. 

Here’s to the next 12 months and making new work happen with great teams