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Skype Production meeting for R&J #kissbythebook

24 Aug

Chloe Lamford and Richard Howell live on skype for our production meeting today – saving travelling up from London

#greenmeetings are us!

#tfconf – twitter created 280,000 impressions and reached more than 30,000 people

19 Jun


just click the image to view the stats


Interestingly many of the tweeters were not in the physical room (of course) as they were following the conference remotely from?? USA, Australia, Germany as well as UK and Ireland. This is one of the major shifts that happens…

there is a downloadable PDF document here too

5circles KMA Pilot Theatre 2012 Olympics Application

6 Jun

Our original application video for Artists Taking the Lead with the work and visuals by KMA, original music by Sandy Nuttgens with drumming by Johnny Kalsi from the Dhol Foundation – we submitted this and were shortlisted to the final five…

Preparing to rehearse in Argentina via Skype #shifthappens

10 May

Again waiting for the actors, Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez to join me for a rehearsal via skype. They will be at UPB Buenos Aires and I will be in my office at home – in York UK – and we will work on the play together / apart / and online.

I have also just got their train tickets from Heathrow to York, as they are arriving next Monday, May 17th. The show will open in York at the Theatre Royal on Saturday 22nd in the afternoon. So drop me a line if you need to find out any more.

I will take a couple of pictures while we are doing the rehearsals and drop them onto Facebook and Twitter (both on my /marcusromer pages)

Shift Happens  – and this is an example of how to use the technology in a way that allows creative engagement and participation in a totally immersive way.

We will livetream the actual performance which will be in Spanish when they are over here too

W.C. School – Made in Argentina details are here on the Pilot Theatre website here http://www.pilot-theatre.com/redesign/default.asp?idno=17595

Survey Monkey about Pilot Theatre

5 May

Hi there,??

as part of the Cultural Leadership Programme one of the groups has set up a survey to look at our work and livestreaming and such things

If you have a moment would you mind having a click through and fill it in?

Many thanks

Rehearsing theatre 7,000 miles away

3 May


I am going to be directing a rehearsal with the actors in Buenos Aires tonight using Skype.

The show I made in March is coming over to the UK in two weeks time. So we have a chance to revisit some of the English and Argentinian Spanish texts.

Using the technology allows us to be ‘in the same room’ again, and as you can see from the photo the actors, Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez, are in the studio space where we rehearsed and created the original piece.

This process becomes an immersive experience, and once we have got over the initial waving and saying hi and catching up on news and chat we can really begin to work.

Normally skype calls are about ten minutes long, and you get the info you need and then you start to wind things up.

Here for an extended two hour rehearsal session you do get absorbed and the work takes over from the technology. The ability to see work develop and grow over this medium again feels real, because of course that is what it is.

It is creative and allows us to share new ideas and have the debates and conversations as if we were all physically in the same room.

WC School – Made in Argentina opens in York on May 22nd


Live skype rehearsal to Buenos Aires works so well – a real life Gamechanger…

27 Apr


Julian, Soli and Tati rehearsing live in Buenos Aires on skype

OK having just finished a 2 hour session working with the actors and we were 7,000 miles apart is a complete gamechanger.

The ability to direct / work / interact / discuss / share ideas and above all create a piece of theatre across the globe / live, means the world is now a different place. It means that we can really be creative with our time, resources and skills to make something really amazing.

Of course I had met the team before, and worked with them in their theatre space in Buenos Aires. But for that 2 hours I was totally back in that space again and was able to revisit the work, adpat and reshape thoughts and ideas. For sure we had a shorthand already, but this was able to be hooked into straight away.

The show is coming to York and we will livestream it to the world. But in the meantime I am looking forward to my next rehearsal on Monday May 3rd and in the meantime my thinking cap is most definitely – On…!

This is just the beginning as – Shift has Happened…for sure

WC School – Made in Argentina