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No Boundaries – Live from two cities – Live to the world – Join the debate @nbd2014 #nb2014

15 Jan


People keep asking me how this is going to work, what it is about and where it is going to happen…and how

So, here goes… It is a part of the State of the Arts programme run by Arts Council England, this time in partnership with the British Council. A consortium group of artists and organisations, which include Pilot Theatre, Watershed, Spike Island, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Festival of Ideas, have come together with City of York Council, Bristol City Council, the Universities of Bristol, York St John, and West of England to create and deliver this

No Boundaries ‘A Symposium on the role of Arts and Culture in a world where there is no normal’

It will take place in York and Bristol simultaneously with speakers and presentations live linked between both places as well as livestreamed live online.

There will be TED ‘style’ talks from thought leaders and inputs from across the world with speakers from New York, Christchurch and Nairobi. These will be curated speaker sessions, and will run in both locations and be fed via our HD livelink to each space. We will ensure that these are interpreted both live and in the online feed, as well as providing live captioning.

Running in parallel with these will be an ‘unconference’ format with live links between Bristol and York – here open space format discussions and provocations will be able to take place. These can be self curated and self organised by the delegates and participants in both spaces and from input online. There will be a room with a permanent open face to face chat facility between the two cities to extend the open space into both locations.

We are providing food and drinks for the whole conference and the evening session on Tuesday 25th will feature live DJ’s in both locations curated by Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly

In York we are running it at The Guildhall and in Bristol at Watershed. There will be opportunities to discuss, share, participate, be active, creative and to be part of a conference that is breaking boundaries

Join us

There are No Boundaries…