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Here are a selection of testimonials and feedback about online tutoring, training and mentoring work I have recently undertaken during the lockdown period. These come from a range of people and organisations I have been working with and they include – Chief Executives,  Directors,  Writers, Actors, Teachers and Students.

‘Marcus helped me enormously working on monologues. Really insightful ideas on character work and lots of  exercises to free up blocks. He really takes the time to do detailed work with actors’.  Patricia Jones – Actor 

“You might call it mentoring, training, or a simple conversation – apart from a good hour’s talk, my discussions with Marcus proved to be beneficial on many levels during the time when we developed in ETC an entire new digital playground for our programmes.” Heidi Wiley – Executive Director – European Theatre Convention, Berlin

‘Marcus was a fantastic mentor for one of our young actors in their final round auditions for drama school. Due to the pandemic, the auditions were via Zoom and Marcus worked extremely hard to ensure the young person was confident in using this medium and worked with him to adapt the speeches for camera. The young person found the sessions really helpful and he loved working with Marcus.’  Debbie Thompson – Director St George’s Theatre and Sheringham Theatre 

When I finished the first draft of my play, I knew it needed more work but I didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, I was introduced to Marcus and his help with shaping the script further was invaluable. Not only did he bring years of experience into the process, he made me view my play from the Director’s perspective. The fact that the Zoom performance of my play was a success is largely due to Marcus, who was a perfect host and scene directions reader! It has been a pleasure working with Marcus, because he respects writers and their creative process, he makes them feel safe and appreciated. I would recommend to work with Marcus, you will enjoy the process and you will get a better script out of it!’ Natalie Ekberg, writer

“Having the opportunity to work with Marcus Romer was amazing; our A’ level students gained a fascinating insight into the art of playmaking and the craft of the ‘playwright’. We really enjoyed working on one of Marcus’ plays, and with Marcus leading the session we were able to ‘pick his brains’ and get a chance to step into the professional rehearsal room. Everything we did in these sessions will be used to support our future work when devising and writing about text and theatre. Thank you so much.” Kit Wright – Head of Drama Caedomon College, Whitby, North Yorkshire

“My background is in television.  I have also been writing in various forms for over ten years.  To date I have written mainly action, thriller and conspiracy TV series or films.  However, I felt that my portfolio required a strong dramatic piece, one which would be totally character rather than plot driven.  I have known Marcus Romer professionally for over 30 years and turned to him to see whether he could work with me to develop something suitable.    I have to say it has been the best creative experience that I have had to date as a writer.  Marcus has supported and guided me to work with development techniques that are completely new to me: the result has been, I feel, to write the best I have ever written, creating the most in-depth characters who just spring into life.  He’s managed to pull the best out of me and what makes the working relationship so great, is his total belief in the creative process and me as the writer. Marcus has really helped me to find my true voice and I feel excited at the prospect of working with him some more over the coming months/year. We are currently working on a stage play, but his vast professional experience as a director, producer, writer and actor, has inspired me to revisit other TV/Film projects with him to ensure that they have the same quality of content. I would highly recommend him” Sally Eastland – TV Screenwriter and series creator

“Marcus has a way with people which is quite amazing, the students (and me, the teacher) just love his persona and his way of communicating! The students get really comfortable with him, really fast – and that makes a splendid working environment. And then, top it off with a vast knowledge about almost anything regarding scenic work. I have been so lucky to have Marcus doing workshops with my students both before and after the Coronavirus pandemic (for the last four years, actually). He is always listening and providing what you and your students want, and is very good at discovering what you and your students really need. Marcus is a brilliant sparring partner in directing, in every aspect. He also has the ability to get the students to find their own voices, own the part they are playing.  And this he does, both in person and in a Zoom-room! This is why I book Marcus over and over again. Marcus is an absolute joy to work with, and I am so much looking forward to throwing oranges back and forth with him and the students again.” Hege Feld – Director of Theatre and Performance Harstad FHS Norway

“Attending a workshop led by Marcus Romer has been a valuable learning experience. While he was leading us through different exercises we were reminded of the different aspects of the work of an actor. His openness to different solutions and new ideas during the session made it a fun and most useful workshop.” Mari Endrestol – Drama Student Harstad FHS Norway

“Me and my class was so lucky to get the opportunity to work with Marcus Romer on our online classes after our country went into lockdown. We met on Zoom and worked together on a new project, even though the situation around us was critical and scary. We started working on making what we called “zoom theatre” where we would act out the play “War of the Worlds” in front of our computer screens from home. Marcus helped us come up with ideas on how to use zoom to our advantage and together we explored our opportunities and recorded the play together. He would also teach us different acting techniques and gave us input on how we could work on and build up our characters during the project.. It was an amazing experience and I really recommend working with him. Marcus is incredibly good at teaching and makes every workday a fun experience!” Emilie Tvenge — Drama Student Harstad FHS Norway

“Working with Marcus was incredibly educational. He brought a huge amount of positive energy and knowledge into the room. Marcus used words everyone understood and was incredibly helpful if there was something we did not understand. Having a workshop with Marcus was the perfect mix of play and work, there was room for making mistakes, and a lot of laughter. There never was any problem, everything could be solved. If I get the opportunity to work with Marcus again, I will definitely do it.” Embla Olsen — Drama Student Harstad FHS Norway

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