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arts collaboration – an online place to share ideas #artsfunding

28 Nov


“…psst!…I think I have an idea….”

Over the last couple of weeks I have been talking to people. Many people. Mostly about plans and future ideas and how we might find better ways of working. Better ways of sharing resources. Better ways to share ideas.

So I have been looking at some online ways in which this could work, and have been doing some thinking about how best to make this happen.

So this is the idea – 

An online space, that can be used to share ideas. You can set up your space and idea and invite who you would like to collaborate with. So it remains an ‘airlocked’ and closed space to the rest of the world, but allows the creative thinking and sharing to happen both on and offline between the organisations who have decided to share their idea. Once the project has developed it can be shared more widely and then be opened up so that it can see the light of day and reach its creative potential and the audience and participants it needs.

It allows the projects to develop and grow and new partners can be invited to join whenever necessary.
It will allow new cross sector projects to develop.
It will be possible to link up with existing projects that can work synergistically.

At the moment we are looking at some Beta ideas and shared spaces. But if you are interested in this as a concept and would like to find out more then please just drop a line to and mark your message ‘online collaboration’

From this we will be able to see who is interested and how best we then move this concept to a build phase

This is about being able to share thoughts with any organisation, by inviting them to your idea and project page and work across sector, across boundaries and across borders…


Marcus Romer
Artistic Director
Pilot Theatre

All the videos from @pilot_theatre’s #shifthappens are now online – here is @andytfield

14 Nov

All the videos are now online from our Shift Happens conference this year

Just click the vimeo link to see them all

or just enjoy Andy Field and his crowd sourced talk here

ti later


#Filey #dayout

7 Nov

That is all…

Things that have made me cheerful this week

6 Nov


1 The fact that this sort of weekly round up is becoming a bit of a Saturday morning habit

2 The way the smiling tree with the horseshoe on it’s nose outside my window catches the autumn sun

3 Speaking at the Culture Cumbria meeting on Friday and visiting the Rheged Centre for the first time. Go it’s an extraordinary venue.

4 Reading the Arts Councils Achieving Great Art for Everyone on Thursday, and then meeting with the teams about some great future plans and ideas

5 The touring team rising to the challenge of a reshift this week, and getting great feedback from audiences at the Poole Lighthouse.

6 Finding a replacement touring team member via twitter and then being able to interview via skype all the way to the USA.

7 Getting confirmation that our Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack and single – kissbythebook by Sandy Nuttgens will be released on iTunes on Monday 8th of November.

8 My son getting his phone sorted at uni

9 Waking up twice in one day when the clock said 5 and both times it was dark – first in Estonia and secondly in York

10 Getting up at 5pm after that long journey and then heading out to run a workshop with adult actors at 8pm and enjoying their work and ideas

11 Talking to a literary agent about a completely new way of presenting their client’s work – and them saying yes

12 Finding the replacement thermostat switch and control knobs for our cooker online – and fitting them – and it working

13 Hearing that the Producers are looking to close the deal – whatever that means

14 Being invited to a first Christmas Fayre at The Hub by SlungLow theatre

15 Getting my laptop back an it works and all my music is still there on iTunes – phew

16 Making a new connection with a festival in Finland

17 Reconnecting back with the team and director in Buenos Aires about a potential collaboration bid.

18 Having the best breakfast of my life for ages at the Eden Cafe in Appleby in Westmorland on my way to the conference on Friday.

19 Getting an invitation to my friend’s 50th birthday

20 Cleaning my coffee machine and writing this with a great cup of Illy

21 Getting the TEDxYork licence approved that allows us to run Shift Happens with the TEDx branding next year

Til later

Adios amigos


The videos from #shifthappens from @pilot_theatre are on vimeo

3 Nov

For the full site of videos click here please




Tallin Tales out of school

1 Nov

On the way to the airport in Estonia. Very early in the morning – busy time with meetings and seeing the show with the 40 young performers from York, Tallin, Bratislava and Pilsen

In our network both Tallinn and Pilsen will be EU capitals of Culture – Tallinn next year 2011 and Pilsen (Czech Republic) in 2015. So good to see how our Platform 11 network can hook into these.

Good plans and contacts for our future work programme, and some inspiring projects that we will be working on with Pilot Theatre

Back to York now via Copenhagen and to the office.

The R&J team are getting in to The Lighthouse venue in Poole today and we we are there all week until Saturday.

Katie is travelling down to see the company and to see the show in.

Back in the office we are putting our new 3 year plan together – a new and diverse programme of projects, collaborations, tours and new media ventures

Exciting and busy times for us all.

Til later