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Bar Italia

28 Jul

Hi Just a quick catch up post from here with thoughts…

1 Coffee good
2 Weather hot
3 Coffee hot
4 Sea Cold
5 Bar Italia good
6 Head hot
7 Pizza Napoli good
8 Thinking time good
9 Book good
10 Making plans good
11 Good times
12 All good

The Cuts Won’t Work (They’ll just make it worse) #artsfunding

26 Jul

Final set design day for R&J

26 Jul

A beautiful day here in York as we wait for the production and design team to arrive.

In the meantime a quick peek at the model in the Model box that was sent to me by our designer, Chloe Lamford.

We will be needing about 600 bunches of flowers to fill the shrine and we may well be asking people to help us or send us bunches of natural looking silk flowers wrapped in cellophane…

We will let you know…but it would be great if people want to send bunches to Pilot Theatre at York Theatre Royal


Script work #kissbythebook #oldschool

25 Jul

Paper, pencil, ruler, moleskine notepad, wristwatch, script in a file –

Old school style working through the R&J script.

Beautiful day in the garden though and
enjoying the weather, coffee and ideas

An artistic response to arts cuts in Canada… – #artsfunding

24 Jul

I’ve been thinking…

24 Jul


20+ things I have been thinking today, about…

1 The new production of R&J which starts rehearsing in three weeks, as I am sure there is something I have forgotten to do
2 The fact that we are opening a different show next week at the Byre in Scotland – and Mandy Smith who directed it is off up there to see it in.??
2a The fact that??I can’t get there to see it as I am going to be away – (see 3)
3 The notion of a holiday – and how that is going to get squeezed in to the time, and whether it is possible to actually switch off these days properly. I mean really properly, because, (see 4)
4 Arts funding and the shifting landscape that we are now entering as a country. What this means for potential future plans, programmes and personnel
4a The difficulty about switching off – properly
4b Shaving my head today and cutting the grass
5 Why when I shave my head I always mow the grass on the same day and realise afterwards
6 What to have for tea – and more importantly have I got everything ready for a holiday
7 The answer to the latter part of (6) is no
8 Not at all.
9 Being woefully unprepared for the holiday and thinking back about (1) again
10 Missing seeing Hansel and Gretel at The Byre (see2)
11 Coming back to thinking about (4) again
12 As thinking about (4) will impact on the ability to deliver 22 week tours like the production of ??(1) possibly. Or maybe differently
13 So I have been thinking about future possibilities.
14 Which brings me back to (4a) How to switch off
15 So what i did do was – shave my head. Then cut the grass.
16 Then started back at (1) again
17 A resolution about (6) is – seafood risotto
18 A good plan
19?? Thinking about this picture again -??
20?? A Rodin in Buenos Aires I found earlier this year
20a Thinking I must make plans to get back there again…


Shift Happens: ALT Shift 2010 #shifthappens

19 Jul