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It’s been a while…#LDR2012 going on stage…

28 Nov


Yes, it’s been a while since I have been on stage…but last week broke that duck. I ended up playing Dad and Trevor in The Loneliness of The Long Distance runner – the show I directed back in August for Pilot Theatre.

An actor was ill – so with two hours notice I stepped in and we opened the show at the Lawrence Batley Theatre – on the last week of the tour – at the end of the 3 month project.

I have done this before – stepped in I mean. Last time was at Contact Theatre in 2000 in Rumble Fish. And yes I know I have been an actor – and more recently have done some tv and film work up to a year or so ago. But – nothing prepares you for the pounding heartbeat adrenaline rush of just before you go on stage.

Going through my mind? Don’t fuck up – yes that mostly – don’t fuck up the actors on stage with you more importantly. Elliot Barnes-Worrel and Doreene Blackstock and yes Jack McMullen too helped me out, and to them I say a big thankyou.

And of course to the whole team on that last week who saw us through and for Karl Haynes for stepping in after me to cover the last few shows.

That sense of support is what this game is all about – and those who pull their weight know this. and it is to them that I say a big thankyou – you brought the show to a close with skill, style and above all professionalism – and that is why we at Pilot Theatre are proud of you guys.

But I was shit scared – seriously – in this day and age with twitter and online feedback straight away – the fact that the show had received 6 four star reviews over the last weeks meant nothing as I stepped out onto that stage in a strange costume. Heart pounding and apparently your body produces the same amount of adrenailne as going through a car window at 70 mph. Who tested that though eh? seriously. That sounds like theatre folklore to me. But anyway it was adrenaline ‘fight or flight’ central coursing through my veins.

Safe to say – got through it. No-one died. and no twitter ridicule campaigns were started. (Yet)

So #onwards as the hashtag of choice now appears to be  – we are heading towards new projects – Running on the Cracks and Blood and Chocolate – as well as planning our next two years of work with looming cuts on the horizon.

But – we are going to go out there fighting and with adrenaline – and just remember…if I can get out on stage in less than two hours then shift really can happen!