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The 12 months of 2011… #blog

29 Dec

A collection of posts, pictures and links from my year – 2011 – Timeline? hah these are so last year…



Both knees done and and NPO application A tough start to the year as both my knee were done. Cartliages were sorted and forms were filled in. serves me right for jumping into a shallow swimming pool heels first last year I hear you cry…But it did allow me plenty of time to think and work out what needed to be done this year, especially at this stage I had found out that my dad had 6 months to live…



Hockney in York and a trip to the States to TED and SXSW. A busy travel time ahead in February and March – heading to California and Texas…I know I know…If it was any consloation I was unable to go to Oulu in Finland because of my knees…Apparently you cannot fly within 6 weeks of having surgery…I did have time to speak at the State of the Arts Conference again though…



The TED Commandments  The trip to Palm Springs and Austin was amazing. I kept the picture blogs going throughout my trip. Here is the one from South by Southwest.



Well the Arts Council’s NPO announcement came out on the last day of March – so April was the start of a whole new chapter for us at Pilot Theatre. After a 12 month programme of work we finally had the green light. As our R&J show came to an end my daughter took this picture at the last venue.



TEDxYork stuff and planning for Stronger Together, at Northern Stage and Transform at the West Yorkshire Playhouse – the first of our three streamed national events kicked off here and we hooked up with Kinura to develop Pilot Live. It started here we these three events. We also hosted Theater VAT from Estonia and Elsinor Theater from Milan as part of our Platform 11 Festival. We also took What Light to Dresden and Milan. This was a busy work month! What I learned? this cake says it all really…




Playing chess and stuff and I suppose filling in some time – in what was increasingly becoming a waiting game of when did you last see your father



Cupcakes and Talks at TEDxYork a great day with speakers and talks from all over the world. A line in the sand as aprt of our Shift Happens work. All of which had grown out of that first visit I made to TED in 2007. Yes Shift does Happen and sometimes it does hit the fan…



This is a self portrait by my dad. He died  on August 3rd this year. I wrote this and my daughter wrote  ‘One big room’ . She read it at his funeral. We did manage to get France for a break at the end of August. This was a good thing. A ve
ry good thing indeed.




New start for Susie in her new job in Cambridge meant a rush around to find and get somewhere for her to live. And for Mills a new school. This was a busy time. As well as being back at work. Being a starfish was the mantra really, that and watch your head …



The Umbrella Project on the new Storify site as well as Katie opening Blackbird was what was occupying the work world at Pilot. Great stuff all round, as I was moving stuff around the country as well as auditioning for the start of TKTKM



I’m a Seoul man… A trip to Korea to present the case for York to become a UNESCO city of Media Arts. A trip with Kersten England, CEO of York City Council meant we were able to strongly make the case. Interesting food was eaten and jet lag ensued…



So, a year of Changes here. We have just spent Christmas up here in York. With all the family. That has been much needed. I know that life is the bit that happens between your plans and how you deal with it is up to you.

A big thanks to all family, friends and workmates who have made 2011 what it was.

So I am feeling more prepared to roll with the changes and the challenges that 2012 will inevitably throw our way. I am looking forward to making new projects which include – LLDR and TKTKM as well as #PilotLive

So hope to catch up with you at some point along the way with these…

Happy New Year!







My Area today – 25/12/11 – Cheese – Bar – Coffee – Happy Holidays xx

25 Dec

The York Wheel / Blue Sky

10 Dec

A beautiful morning en route to SlungLow’s Xmas Fayre in Leeds.

After a long and tedious serious of objections the York Wheel is thankfully back as a landmark on the skyline. It looks stunning

A tale of two cities

3 Dec

Finding a bit of balance between York and Cambridge at the moment.

Working week up in York and a weekend in Cambridge is working well, but I have been doing a lot of travelling.

Been a bit hectic recently – it is only just in the last few days that the Korea trip recovery and sleep patterns have come back to normal.

It is a good thing to be able get some thinking and work time down here. The broadband is now up and working here and I have spent the time finalising the casting for TKTKM which we are recalling for next week and the week after.

Today I will be making a large pot of tarka dall and a chicken jalfrezi as we have a family meal tomorrow. Heading off to Berlin on Sunday for a Platform11 future planning meeting for the EU project.

So today is family time and very welcome it is too.