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new season / new ideas / new projects

25 Jan


Hitting the ground running…

4 Jan

Christy and Mills Birthday meal

Back on full fighting form now after a fantastic two week break, culminating in a pre-birthday meal with my family yesterday.

My birthday has always been the day that the Christmas tree came down, the day you went back to school, to work, to reality, all that stuff. The day that no-one wants to go to a party, (people are partied out) go for a drink (people always detoxing), go for a meal (people always on special January diets) So basically my birthday (January 5th) has always been pretty much a total downer.

Until now…I time shifted it. Moved it. Put it on a day when we were all at home. So we went for a meal, and then watched two films – One at the cinema (The Theory of Everything) and then one at home after. So the holy trinity of the 3 F’s – Family, Food and Films – always guaranteed to work with #TeamRomer

So like the Queen – my birthday will always be officially on the 5th of January – but unofficially it will be when we can make it work to maximise the fun. So no more downer drab starts to the year – It has only taken me over 5o years to work this one out.

I should have known of course that shift happens does work…

Onwards and Upwards for 2015


be the best you that you can be…

1 Jan

Happy 2015

This is a new start

Thanks to Christy for building this for me

New stuff is happening and some great projects lined up with Pilot – Looking forward to opening Antigone in February at Stratford East from Feb 19th for 5 weeks, and then heading off to Sydney as part of our EU programme to direct ‘Numb’ a new play by Patricia Cornelius in June. Then building towards the ‘No Boundaries’ conference in September.

I am also looking forward to helping York to develop its position as the Unesco City of Media Arts as part of the creative cities network.

Hopefully too, a move to a house where I can at last be able to stand up in!

onwards and upwards 🙂