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The opening 4 minutes of The Knife That Killed Me movie #TKTKM

29 Sep

Here is the opening 4 minutes of our new movie – written and directed by Marcus Romer and Kit Monkman – for Greenscreen productions in association with Pilot Theatre and  Premiere – with UK distribution by Universal Pictures

The Knife That Killed Me – based on the novel by Anthony McGowan

Two separate projects both opened on the same night #PilotAntigone #TKTKM

27 Sep


So, September 22nd 2014 turned out to be pretty important date for Pilot Theatre. We had press night for new co-production ‘Antigone’ at Derby Theatre – We are heading out on tour and will be bringing the show to Stratford East London for a month next February. Here is the trailer.

And our new feature film – ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ had a public screening in London in Soho at the Century Cinema. We also had a good review in Empire magazine, and we are going to be in competition as part of the Rome Film Festival Oct 16 -21st. The movie will launch at the end of October – with UK distribution by Universal Pictures. Here is the trailer.

Both of these projects have been over two years in the planning to get them to this point. We shot the movie back in April 2012, and we commissioned Antigone from Roy Williams back in 2012 too.

Needless to say we have more commissions in the pipeline for Pilot,  and I am working on a new screenplay. It is only once projects launch that you can refocus your mind onto future projects. Prior to that you time and energy is quite rightly spent on the delivery of the work in hand.

I am immensely proud of both of these pieces of work and the teams behind them. The whole Pilot team and the Greenscreen company have been very creative and supportive work partners. I would like to thank both Derby Theatre and Stratford East too, for enabling the Antigone project to take flight.

Here is the link to the Alice in the City programme in Rome for #TKTKM

And for the movie website with the artwork and quotes on is here

and the Huffington Post review is here

‘Reminiscent of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, this tale of gang wars and one young protagonist’s love for his fellow student is mesmerising. Imagine a mix of Kes and Sin City and you get the idea behind this clever and inventive movie.Easily one of the best films of the year’

And for Antigone – A  5 ***** review here

‘The audience atmosphere in the theatre throughout is tangible. It seems at times that one hardly dare breathe as the story unfolds. It sucks you in…”

Here is the link to the tour schedule for #PilotAntigone



Marcus Romer – Artistic Director – Pilot Theatre – 27/9/2014