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Pilot Theatre’s Photostream for R&J

18 Sep

Romeo & Juliet, York Theatre Royal, Sept 10 to 25 then on tour #kissbythebook

4 Sep


35 films in 2 minutes – how many can you spot?

18 Jul

Shift Happens pics by @documentally for #shifthappens

14 Jul

Shift Happens pics by @documentally for #shifthappens

Supporting Argentina today…#worldcup #handofgod

12 Jun

Look I met this guy in La Boca in Buenos Aires

He assured me that the hand of God would prevail

Who was I to disagree?

But the walk home across the fields is worth it

11 Jun

1 a long day
2 up at 4.30
3 drive to London
4 car overheats
5 arrive to auditions with 1 minute to spare
6 see 30 people
7 with Katie Posner
8 juggle phone calls
9 meet Chloe the designer
10 rush to catch the train
11 stand up all the way
12 go to the office
13 sign cheques
14 walk back home across the fields because the view is worth it…

The worst name for a coffee shop…ever

19 Apr

As seen in Bratislava….