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Live rehearsal on skype between York and Buenos Aires

27 Apr

Pilot Theatre : WC School – Made in Argentina

30 Mar

Some new pictures of WC School – Made in Argentina

28 Mar


Some great new pictures here from Constanza Scotto who took these at the dress run…The show is still running in Buenos Aires for the next 2 months before it comes to the UK…


Here are Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez on the set


Celeste Y Julian as Lucas Y Camila

Made in Argentina – Slideshare

26 Mar

Made in Argentina – Slideshare…

How to grill a chorizo sausage…

23 Mar

I was given a serious lesson on the parilla grill from my new mentor…in Montevideo last Thursday. You can see the sausages racked up behind the smoking char grill. The Morcilla or beef blood sausage slowly sweating away, not unlike myself as the heat in the market was unbelievable and the real fire grill very hot indeed.
Still the large circular sausage was thrown onto the flames and within five minutes of turning, prodding and poking, and then cutting off the required length, I came up with a smile on my face…


Back to the office today in York. So I will keep smiling and take in the Alfajores and some Mate and some knick knacks for the office…Will report back later


Hasta la victoria siempre!

21 Mar


Home now / coffee / curry later / sleep

Plans enough now…and for those who know me well will know why this trip has been so important for me, and for those who don’t, I will tell you.

From September last year to January this year I have been in and out of doctor’s and hospital waiting rooms. I was ill last November and missed some weeks at work and as a result have had endless tests, probings, cameras and such – the details of which I will spare you.  The results of all these finally came through on February the 7th, and suffice to say I was eventually given a clean bill of health.  This was the day we booked the flights for me to go. Being told you are well again after a protracted illness is totally amazing and liberating.

The last six months have really given me a call, and more than a wake up one. That not only is the time we have here short, but in that time we must make the most of every available opportunity. This adventure, and it has truly been one, has given me not only a new insight to a beautiful part of the world, but more importantly a new group of people I worked with, whom I can now count on as friends. It has made me focus on the things that are truly important in life, and to be true to your principles and beliefs.

So as a last sign off on this project it seems fitting to use…”Hasta la victoria siempre” which was the sign off used by Dr Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. It means…’forever, until victory’

So onwards and upwards my friends and I will keep in touch on this blog with the next installment of the adventure…

Ciao Ciao Cicos….



In praise of Addison Lee…

21 Mar

landed / 16 hours on aircraft / no tube Piccadilly line closed / Heathrow Express queue a mile long / Addison Lee / probably the best taxi service in the world / welcome home / next stop / King’s Cross / coffee / York / coffee / home / bed